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Weighbridge Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Shri Ambika Scale Manufacturing Works is no.1 manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Gujarat of a wide range of high precision weighbridges and solutions, backed by 45 years of unchallenged Service with an extensive service network across the whole of India. We manufacture almost all types of weighbridges including Electronic Pit Type Weighbridge, Pitless Weighbridge, Electronic Mechanical Weighbridge, Concrete Weighbridge, Mobile Weighbridge, Rail Weighbridge, Unmanned Weighbridge, Mechanical Weighbridge among others. We have installed more than 5000 weighbridges in India and abroad.
Electronic Pit Type Weighbridge We are topmost manufacturers and suppliers of Electronic Weighbridges in Gujarat and India including Pit Type Weighbridge. We manufacture weighbridge with sturdy design and structure manufactured as per IS 2062 Grade.

Each and every weighbridge is fully assembled at factory and tested for various parameters thoroughly before delivering to clients for hassle free experience. Our weighbridges are known to give accurate weight first time and every time. We use low resistance cables and all weather-proof junction box.

Advantages of Pit Type Weighbridge

  • Most preferred and suitable for site with limitation of space.
  • Approaching ramps on either side of weighbridge are not required.
  • Most public weighbridges are Pit Type Weighbridge.
  • Designed for heavy duty usage in extreme conditions to withstand heavy loads without damage.

Pitless Truck Weighbridge Backed by more than 5 decades of experience, we are topmost manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Weighbridge in India like Pitless Truck Weighbridge which offers many advantages as compared to Pit Type Weighbridge. This type of weighbridges are opted for its easy installation and maintenance as compared to Pit Type which may take more than 2-3 months to install and function. It can be installed in quicker time and is less costlier. Some of the advantages are given below:

Advantages of Pitless Weighbridge

  • It is a surface mounted weighbridge which saves 60% cost of concrete pit construction.
  • Easy Installation & maintenance as all parts are accessible above ground level.
  • Preferred in areas where pit excavation is not possible due to various reasons.
  • This electronic weighbridge requires minimum maintenance
  • Avoids accumulation of dust, soil and water.
  • Since it is above ground, water logging is not even a problem.
  • All the problems related to pit type weighbridge is avoided with this type of weighbrige.

Mobile Weighbridge Exporter We are first company to introduce Mobile Weighbridges in Gujarat, India. These are surface mounted weighbridges which can be used anywhere. These weighbridges are designed to be installed quickly in few hours as they do not need permanently concrete foundations but only a horizontal level and hard concrete floor thus eliminating costly site construction and complete installation in a mater of hours.

Mobile weighbridges are supplied with all equipment, frames, load cells along with ramps which are steel fabricated and therefore do not need cement foundation. The top plate and bottom frame are steel fabricated and the load cell are placed and installed between them while the bottom frame is directly placed on the site.

Because of its many and unique advantages mobile weighbridges are mostly used by logistics company, Forestry, Quarries, Military and Agriculture industries.icated on Big display for facility of operator.

Concrete Weighbridge Manufacturers These weighbridges are intalled for heavy duty usage with high load bearing capcity and enables throughputs of bulk materials. Primay objective of concrete weighbridge is to keep installation, maintenance and operation as simple as possible even in the difficult and harsh environment.

Concrete Weighbridges can be installed economicallly and fast. The steel frames are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Most suitable for using heavier and longer trucks and trailers like Volvo which are capable of carrying heavy loads. Electronic Weighbridges of different types but with concrete platform is the most preferable choice because of it many advantages. Our Concrete Weighbridges are available from 10 T to 150 T with platform sizes 2m X 2m to 25m x 6m

Unmanned Weighbridge The unmanned Weighbridge system is a standalone system which allows 24 x 7 a week weighing operations without any operator. Due to its easy operating interface, it can be totally operated by truck driver easily. Moreover our unmanned weighbridge customize the system to suit the specific requirements of our client's operation. Automated weighbridge software is an intelligent software that turns weighbridge into a simple unattended terminal thus facilitating 24x7 operation without any operation thereby saving huge operation cost. For more information about unmanned weighbridge, please contact us.

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Shri Ambika Scale Manufacturing Works

218, Anand Cloth Market, , Near Sarangpur Bridge, Sarangpur
Ahmedabad - 380002, Gujarat, India
P: 079 - 22149570, 22140387
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