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Static Weighbridges

We have been at the forefront of Electronic Weighbridge technology for more than three decades. In 1984, we installed India's First Electronic Weighbridge, in 1994 Introduced Concrete Platform and Composite Weighbridge in India, in 2000 Introduced India's First Mobile Weighbridge, in 2007 introduced Slow Speed Weigh-in-Motion in India for Toll Lanes on National Highways, in 2016 Introduced India's First Medium Speed Weigh-in-Motion for Electronic Toll Collection

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Mobile Steel Weighbridge Mobile weighbridge needs no elaborate foundation, just needs smooth hard surface on which the platform & ramp rests. It can be installed on standard PQC which saves a lot of cost and time.

Standard weighbridge foundation and installation takes 2-3 months whereas a mobile weighbridge can be installed in 1-2 days. This mobile weighbridge can be shifted to another site easily in situations for example when number of lanes have to be increased at a Toll Plaza. The modular design helps in easy cost effective transportation and re installation. This weighbridge is most suitable for temporary sites such as construction sites. Foundation is replaced by a steel fabricated base frame. Ramps are provided along with the weighbridge.

Total height of weighbridge from floor level is 250mm. All modules including base frame are supplied duly fabricated and welded. The modules are MIG welded, so very robust and sturdy. These are bolted together and assembled at site in few hours.

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Pitless type Composite Weighbridge We are the pioneer of Pitless Type Composite Weighbridges which offers numerous advantages . An electronic weighbridge with concrete deck is maintenance free and does not corrode and has a very long functional life. It is most suitable for coastal areas.

It also absorbs shocks and jerks of moving trucks better as compared to steel decks. Since fewer vibrations reach load cell, life of load cell enhances and weight display reading stabilizes faster and is more accurate. The platform requires no maintenance. There is no rust and no need of repainting the platform every year. RCC platform has much longer life than steel.

For composite type platform we will provide fabricated parts (two main girders and two end channels) along with electronics and accessories. The thickness of RCC Slab will exactly be the height of the end channels. We will provide you necessary drawings and supervision at site to cast the platform.

Static Weighbridge have high accuracy, software calibrated, password protected digital weight indicator with 6 digit bright display of 20mm height.

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Pitless Full Steel Weighbridge Pitless type Full Steel Electronic Weighbridge platform is fabricated with standard rolled steel girders and mild steel plates.

The structure has two main girders, cross girders & sections in between. These cross girders and sections are bolted with the main girders and top plates will be bolted on the top of main and cross girders. Strips are welded on top of the plate to make it anti-skid. Side railing is provided along the length of the weighbridge.

Static Weighbridge shall have high accuracy, software calibrated, password protected digital weight indicator with 6 digit bright display of 20mm height.

Weighbridge Specification

Platform SizeCapacityNo. of Load Cell

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Weighbridge Automation Ashbee has required expertise and experience in adding accessories to the weighbridge such as boom barriers, cameras and RFID Readers and we have developed our own web based weighing software for unmanned weighbridge operation with centralized reporting. The system works without any operator and sends all the required information to the head office which helps in stopping pilferage and

Benefits of Unmanned Weighbridge

In this competitive world where materials are very expensive, it is important to eliminate any pilferage. Pilferage affects the profits of the company. The weighbridge site acts as a client where the weight information, time of transaction and pictures are recorded at the time of each weighment. This data is fed to the server in Head Office. The system is tamper proof.

Features of Centralized System

  • Keeps total control on incoming and outgoing material.
  • Eliminates pilferages/leakages.
  • Takes pictures at the time of weighment.
  • Transfers weighing information and pictures to the head office through Web-Based software.

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