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Electronic Weighing Bridge

Advance Tech, an ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing company, is one of the fastest growing manufacturers and suppliers of electronic weighbridge & weighing systems. Advance tech has been at the forefront of electronic weighbridge technology since 2007. We are the leading electronic scale manufacture and is involved in supplying weigh bridges and weighing solution to our customer all over India.

We present various types of Weighbridges, Weighing Systems & Scales, Mobile Weighbridges, Portable Weighing Systems, In-Motion Weighing Systems, Static Weighing Solutions, Truck Scales, Axle Weighbridges and Pads etc.
Mobile Weigh Bridge Advance tech is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of mobile weighbridge in India. This is a fully movable weighbridge solution that can totally be disassembled and can be set up virtually at any location within no time. These kinds of weighbridges have the ability to be placed directly in the path of the vehicles and thus reduce the cost of transport compared to the fixed weighbridge installation.

Compact modular weighbridge does not require any concrete foundation and can be installed on hard and level ground as it comes with specially welded steel platform in dismantling modules. Weighbridge structure is easy to assemble. Due to modular design it can easily be transported and re-installed in a simple truck.

RCC Weigh Bridge We are one of the leading manufacturers of RCC weighbridges in India. RCC weighbridge remains at level of the ground and allows easy entry of vehicle from any directions. The plate of RCC weighbridge is made of concrete thus it ensures longer service life with zero requirement of maintenance. The casting of platform is done at the site. RCC concrete pit less or pit type weigh bridge requires lesser maintenance as no painting and re-painting is needed. It is highly stronger, stable and heavier with very high functional life. Due to its sturdy design it is highly durable and safer to use. Our range of weighbridges is fabricated using high-grade raw material which is procured from reliable vendors of the market.

Computerized Pit Weigh Bridge Advance tech one of the leading and prominent Manufactures and suppliers of Pit Type Weighbridge in India. This type of weighbridge is most suitable for places with limited space like commercial or industrial or non-hilly areas where the construction of pit is not a costly affair. Since the platform is at level to the ground, vehicles can approach the weighbridge from any direction. Most public weighbridges prefer this design. These weigh bridges have very high service life as compared to other types of weighbridge.

Heavy Duty Pitless Weighbridge Pitless Weighbridge are preferred as it does not require construction of concrete pit which is not only time consuming but makes the entire installation costly. Heavy Duty Pitless Weighbridge can be installed on the hard and level ground and takes much lesser time for installation. Since the platform would be raised and above the ground level, the ramps (steel of concrete) would be need for approaching vehicles. Maintenance is also easy as all the equipment and accessories are easily accessible from above the ground.

Weighbridge Service and Maintenance We provide efficient after sales service and maintenance of weighbridges with our strong network. Our service includes annual maintenance of the contracts, repairs, retrofits, capacity enhancements, installations, civil foundations and calibration & certification of our products. We are not only manufacturers and suppliers in India of all types of weighbridges including mobile weighbridge, Pit Weighbridge, Pit Less Weighbridge, RCC Weighing Bridge etc. but all offer their service and maintenance.

Our Services include
  • Expert Technical Advice.
  • Help in dismantling and reelection of Weigh Bridge.
  • Assistance in re-verification certification by legal metrology.
  • Retrofitting of existing mechanical electro-mechanical weigh bridges.
  • On-site repairs of all weighing equipment.
  • All year round preventive maintenance Services.
  • Genuine every spares.
  • Undertake building of Civil Foundation/Weigh rooms for Weighbridges.

This digital self-centering column load cell is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and has lightning surge arrestors fitted as standard, together with a high specification polyurethane cable for high durability and protection. A wide range of capacities is available.

The Model ATL501D cell is designed specifically for weighbridge applications, for which mounting cup accessory sets in either stainless steel or nickel plated alloy steel are available as options, as well as silo and tank weighing applications where digital load cells are desired. For applications in aggressive environments where stress corrosion or acid attack is an issue, a special parylene coating can be specified as an option.

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