Created: 20th January, 2017     Last Updated: 8th February, 2017

Guide for Buyers of Corrugated Boxes

The first choice when it comes of packaging and shipping of various goods is mostly corrugated boxes. They are most preferred packaging boxes for packing and transporting household goods, retail consumer items, small industrial products etc. One can always see trucks and other vehicles transporting goods packed in corrugated box from one place to other. Most of the goods delivered at our homes are packed in corrugated or cardboard boxes. They are the most important of all the packaging materials.

Corrugated boxes is often misused and confused with cardboard box. Corrugated boxes are generally made of a flute sheet placed between two sheets of thick paper. The thickness of the flute sheet and the strength of the paper together determines the overall strength of the box. The corrugated boxes are used for packaging and shipping of various products including products which needs to be handled with care. On the other hand a cardboard box is basically a thick paper also known as paperboard which is mainly used for packaging light weight consumer products.

Size and shapes of Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are used for large items mainly above 4 inches and less than around 50 inches. These boxes are available in practically any sizes. Corrugated boxes are available in different types from single to triple walled. If the purpose is to pack and transport lightweight products, then single wall boxes are the right choice. For costly and fragile items, triple wall corrugated boxes are preferred as they are the strongest available with the manufacturers and suppliers and provide the best protection from transportation related damages.

Before purchasing the corrugated boxes, the exact requirement in terms of size and strength should be known. If you buy larger than what is required there would be an unnecessary increase in the packaging materials cost while smaller one may end up damaging the product itself. For non-fragile items the size of the boxes could match the size of the product. If the product to be stored or shipped needs extra protection, size of the box could be slightly bigger to accommodate for bubble wrap, styrofoam, polyethylene sheets etc. In case the requirement is large, the best thing is to get customized boxes which would perfectly suit the requirement and fit the product. Corrugated boxes are most popular of all packaging materials because of its many advantages. They are manufactured from paper or used boxes and so they are environment friendly.

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