Created: 19th January, 2017     Last Updated: 25th October, 2017

Buyers Guide for Weighbridge

Buying a weighbridge involves substantial investment, so one should take into consideration some important parameters before arriving at a final decision. Some of the very important parameters while buying electronic weighbridge include deciding whether to go for pit or surface mounted, steel or concrete weighbridges and of course pricing of the machine. These along with more parameters are given below.

Pit or Surface Mounted Weighbridge

To chose between pit or surface mounted weighbridge, one of the main criteria the buyer has to consider is the availability of the space and whether the installation is permanent or temporary.

Since the pit based weighing bridge is at the surface level, no approach ramps would be required and hence the requirement of space would be minimum. On the other hand the surface mounted truck scale would be above the ground level so approaching ramps would be required. The height of the weighbridge should be known in advance from the manufacturers or suppliers because the length of the ramps to the weighing bridge would be directly proportional the height of the weighbridge. If the height of the weighbridge is more than the ramps would be longer and the space requirement would increase as the trucks would need more circle space.

When it comes to pricing, the cost of surface mounted weighbridge is much lower as compared to pit truck scale, but the surface weighbridge would require much bigger space. If the buyer opts for pit one then proper cleaning measures and drainage system should be ensured on regular basis, since the load cells would be under the surface area which may lead to water logging and mud getting accumulated in the pit. To ensure longer life of the bridge the trucks mounting the decks should approach slowly and carefully.

Steel or Concrete Weighbridge Decks

Another important decision that the buyers need to make is whether to opt for weighbridge with steel deck or concrete one. Although the concrete weighbridges have longer life span but weighbridge with steel deck surface are more preferred because of its easy shifting and transportation as compared to concrete. The price of the steel truck scale is also on the lower side as compared to concrete. Concrete decks would take longer for installation as the civil work involved will take its own time before it can be used.

The approach ramps for pit based bridges can also be made of steel or concrete. The same consideration should be applied to the ramps as in the case of surface decks of the weighbridge.


Pricing of the weighing bridge consists of various segment like land cost, installation, load cells and recurring maintenance. Buyer would always aim to get the best at the lowest price. While the buyer may have budget constraint and may be forced to cut down on the cost but one should never compromise on the the quality of the surface deck plates and the steel beams of the weighbridge. If they are not of required quality the buyer would be required to pay more on maintenance and other cost and eventually end up paying more cost.

Digital or Analogue load cells

Both digital and analogue load cells offer the same solution, but the digital load cell is costly and increase the overall cost of the weighbridge. The decision of which load cell to chose would depend on the budget of the buyer, the kind of usage, the environment in which it would be working, frequency of the usage etc.


In short the buyer should take time in taking all the above parameters into account. If the buyer buys right weighbridge and takes proper maintenance and cleaning after proper installation and testing, he would definitely get a good ROI over a long period of time.


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