Created: 21st January, 2017     Last Updated: 23rd January, 2017

Fire Fighting Equipment Guide

Fire can happen anytime and in case it is not controlled in time it may cause huge loss of life and property. For fire prevention and fire fighting there are number of equipment which can provide the much needed help. There are different types of fire fighting equipment and systems available depending on risk involved, size, capacity, place of fire, automatic and manual etc. Among them most common are fire extinguishers, fire detection and alarm systems, fire bucket (for sand and water), fire hose, hydrant, water sprinklers, CO2, fire blanket, fire resistant gear for fire fighters etc.

Knowledge of proper usage of fire fighting equipment is as important as placing them in your home, office or apartment building. There may be different options available when a fire breaks out but the person(s) must have the required knowledge of using the most appropriate option for the current situation. There are some equipment which can be used by anyone but there are some which can be used only after proper information and training. Given below are some of the most common fire fighting equipment and its usage and the situation which they suits the most.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers are one of the most common type of equipment used to contain fire which can be used in home, offices, commercial places, industrial plants, buildings etc. The are easy to use and can contain low intensity fire in home, commercial offices, residential buildings etc. in quick time. It is suitable for small fire or when the fire is not spreading. If there is too much of smoke, one should immediately evacuate and fire department should be called; most of the death in a fire occurs because of inhalation of poisonous gases.

There are different types of fire extinguishers suitable for different types of fire. One should know what is burning before using a fire extinguishers else it may be dangerous. They should be serviced on regular basis and should be ensured that the pressure is at the right level, neither too high nor too low. One should know properer usage because there won't be enough time to read instructions as the fire spreads very fast and can intensify in no time.

It can be filled with water additive, dry chemical powder, CO2 or foam and can be operated by anyone. One can find fire extinguishers everywhere hanging on the wall and in most of the cases of small fire they are the one used first.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

A stitch in time saves nine. If a fire is detected in time and proper action taken it can save huge loss of life and property. Fire detection and alarm systems help in timely detection of fire and in quick evacuation of the people and fire fighting equipment being employed in quick time to contain the fire. Some of these equipments include smoke or flame detectors, alarm systems etc.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

It is an effective system of containing or dousing a fire without putting any effort by anyone. The system consists of a heat detector that detects heat from the fire and breaks the pin and water starts flowing from the pipes within the sprinkler system and the area gets wet with water and the fire is doused. Fire Sprinkler System has some added advantages as compared to fire extinguishers etc. It does not put anybody in any kind of risk as the entire system is automatic while in case of fire extinguisher one has to be near the fire which can be fatal at times. The sprinkler system works even when one is away and keeps the home or workplace safe from fire. It causes less damage as compared to water coming out forcefully from fire brigade fire hose.

Fire Hose, Hydrant

Just as any hose, a fire hose reel also passes water stream with huge force which can reach up to a very good height and can help contain fire even on a very high rise building. Fire hose is a standard and useful tool to dose any fire particularly of high intensity and in high rise buildings where the fire hose reel can reach at the top of the building. In a residential society or office complex there should be a water network for fire hose to be able to work efficiently. The hose reel along with hydrant, water supply, water pump, electricity generators etc should be regularly serviced and there should also be a mock drill at a designated schedule.

Fire Fighting System

In a residential society or office / commercial complex or industrial plant there should be proper fire fighting system installed. Some of the suggestions are given below:-
  • Fire extinguishers and fire bucket should be fitted at each floor or other important places
  • Fire detection and alarm system could provide warming signals at the very outset and proper action can be initiated.
  • Complete water network with hydrant need to be installed at many places along with water pumps, generators, enough fire hose reel, nozzles etc.
  • Automatic or manual water sprinklers with smoke detectors can kill the fire as soon as there is any instance of it.
  • Auto cut off system for electricity and fuel in case of fire can prevent the fire from spreading to other places.
  • The security team should be given proper training to handle any eventuality. The security people in a society or office complex are the ones who would handle the situation before the fire brigade with trained fire fighters arrive.


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