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Guide for Buyers of Indian Handicrafts

Indian handicrafts are unique and exquisite because of its fine art wok and fascinating design and colors and it is nearly impossible to find its match anywhere in the world. The crafts from India have made a huge mark in the modern market throughout the world because of its traditional and ethnic design with focus on innovation and new experiment using latest technology. This has made Indian handicraft products stand out in the international market. Indian artisans are sought after for their exclusive antique and fine designs, highest quality and variety of handicraft items in metal, wood, stones, beads etc. Many buyers come to India for modern designs with a touch of traditional Indian art work which is in great demand.

The mainstay of Indian handicrafts for many years have been wooden handicraft products, metal crafts in iron, copper, bronze, silver, gold, beaded handicrafts, hand printed textiles, shawls, fashion jewellery and accessories, gift items, leather bags, home textile and furnishings including curtains and bed linen, lights and lamps, furniture items, home decor items, paintings and sculptures etc. India is a land of diverse and rich culture and traditions and it is clearly reflected in the fascinating and versatile Indian crafts. Different regions of India has come to be known for different variety of handicrafts. But few common qualities that can be found in most of Indian handicrafts include traditional design, fine art work by artisans, pleasing colors, innovation.

State like Rajasthan has earned a reputation in the global market for traditional jewellery, wooden antique furniture, puppets etc while Uttar Pradesh is known for metal crafts in brass, iron, bronze etc. Kashmir is recognized for carpets, shawls particularly pashmina shawls while Karnataka has created a name for finest of silk and sandalwood and rosewood art work. For jute based handicrafts Madhya Pradesh is the place to go while Gujarat is popular for zari based products and textiles.

Handicrafts play a significant role in Indian economy. It not only provides employment to large section of people but also contribute substantially towards exports from India there by earning huge foreign earnings for the government. As per government data, handicraft sector is primary source of income for around 7 million artisans and also generates huge number of indirect jobs. More than 67K exporters are involved in exporting and promoting Indian Handicrafts throughout the world. The sector is making an impressive growth year on year.

The items which constitute major part of handicraft exports from country include metal an wood handicrafts, fashion jewellery, hand printed textiles, scarves, embroidered garments, shawls etc. The major destinations of exports include US, Europe, UAE etc.

Handicrafts from Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a historical place known for its forts and palaces and is referred to as "Land of Maharajas". Rajasthan holds a special place on the tourism and culture world map because of its age-old traditions, rich culture, colorful festivals and the same is visible in the handicrafts which has captured the imagination of the whole world. Some handicraft items which is exported worldwide include jewellery, ethnic wooden furniture and home decor items, hand painted textiles, metal craft, puppets, miniature paintings, carpets and dhurries, pottery, leather products etc.


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