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Guide for buyers of Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage fluctuation is common in India and in many other countries. Not only sudden high voltage damages the costly electrical and electronic products but there are many equipments and appliances which are greatly effected because of low voltage. There are many electronic equipment used by critical applications where a minor fluctuation can cause huge damage. It is here Servo Voltage Stabilizer comes to the rescue and provide the much needed supply of constant and required voltage. Apart from stabilizing the voltage from incoming fluctuation of voltage, servo stabilizers also saves power and protects costly electrical equipment from damage from short circuit, overload, high and low voltage etc.

The primary function of a Servo Stabilizer is to provide a constant output voltage to the electrical and electronic equipment by correcting the incoming high or low voltage within a range. They work best for the incoming voltage changes/fluctuation range of up to high or low of 50 where a output voltage difference of only around 1% of the target can be achieved. Because of the presence of a Servo motor which controls Variable Transformer (Variac) the rate of correction may not be as high as in some other stabilizers. The correction rate of a Servo Stabilizer can be up to 10-50 volts per second.

Working of a Servo Voltage Stabilizer

The Servo Voltage Stabilizer mainly consists of a servo motor attached to a continuously variable auto transformer, buck boost transformer and a control circuit which control the servo motor. The solid state control circuit determines the high or low output voltage by comparing the output voltage with the reference voltage level. It then sends signal to the servo motor controller and the servo motor, which is attached to the arms of the auto transformer, moves the arms in clockwise or anti-clockwise until the output voltage is set equal to the desired level by the auto transformer. If the output voltage is on the higher side a positive signal is sent and the arm rotates to bring the output to the preset level. Similarly, if the output voltage from the stabilizer is low, it would send a negative signal and the servo motor would make the arm rotate the other way round to give an output voltage as per the requirement.

Static Stabilizer Vs Servo Voltage Stabilizer

The primary task of Static Voltage Stabilizers is same as that of Servo Stabilizers which is to supply constant and desired output voltage to electrical equipment but there are major difference between the two in terms of working as well as performance. Given below are some of the main differences:-
  • The Static Voltage Stabilizer (SVS) consists of Electronic Circuit Board and there is no moving part like motor unlike Servo Stabilizer and so the correction speed of SVS is much higher (around 350-500 Volts per second) as compared to Servo Stabilizer which can be up to 10-50 V/s.

  • Since the correction rate of SVS is very high, so the correction time is very less as compared to Servo Stabilizer

  • When it comes to maintenance, SVS wins hands down as it needs no maintenance since there is no moving part like motor while in case of a servo stabilizer there would be wear and tear and would require maintenance.

  • Servo Stabilizer is an electromechanical product because of presence of servo motor while SVS consists of electronic Circuit Boards and hence the performance of a SVS is better as compared to Servo Stabilizer.

  • SVS some other advantages over Servo Stabilizers like it has wider input voltage range, is of less weight, compact, silent operation etc.


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