Created: 3rd October, 2016     Last Updated: 24th January, 2017

Guide and Tips for buyers of School Furniture

Buying school furniture may not be as easy as it appears and a person with experience of purchasing earlier or working in a school should be given the responsibility. Buying without taking into consideration many parameters like ergonomics, comfort and safety of the students , space constraint, budget etc. may make things difficult for the administration. While buying furniture and equipment for school, one must take into consideration the following:-

Ergonomics, Comfort, Safety

Ergonomics should be taken into consideration while buying School Furnitue. Various research shows that a high quality and rightly-designed classroom furniture would increase the concentration level of the students which would result in better academic and extra-curricular results. A student of a school spend a lot of time seating on the chair or desk, so it becomes important for a school to buy chairs and tables or desk of correct size and shape which would ensure that they sit in correct posture. Students seating property and comfortably are more likely to concentrate and focus effectively on learning. A badly designed and incorrect size and shape of the furniture may lead to long-term damage to the back of the students. So make sure that the manufacturer or supplier you buy from conforms to these standards.

Smooth Finishing

It should be ensured that all furniture and equipment particularly for the usage of the students are smooth in finish particularly the corners, so that they do not harm the children. It should also be ensured that no paint with harmful chemicals are used on classroom furniture and lead-free materials are used to manufacture chairs, desks, tables, play equipment.

Modular, Flexible and Mobile

Apart from being comfortable and of right ergonomics, it should also be ensured while buying that the furniture and equipment are modular, mobile and flexible. This would facilitate arranging them in different ways and can be used for group activities etc.

Open Space

Children love open space, so while purchasing one must make sure that the furniture or playground equipment occupies minimum possible space and enough space is left after the furniture is placed for the free movement of the students as well as some playing area within the classroom.

Buy directly from manufacturer

One should try to buy directly from the manufacturer to get a better deal instead of buying from a dealer or a reseller. Besides, the manufacturer may have a higher and better variety of products as well as more experience and better understanding of the requirement of different schools as per their budget, volume etc.

Correct shape and size

Since a classroom has children of different body sizes, height, it should be ensured that one buy furniture and equipment which would fit all of them. School desk, chairs or tables of incorrect size and shape would be uncomfortable for many students and they would not be able to concentrate on study which eventually would be reflected in their grades. Buying classroom furniture of correct dimensions is of paramout importance and the person with knowledge and experience should be given the responsibility for the same.

After-sales Service

One should also ensure to buy products from a company with offers good after-sales service and warranty. A company which manufacture and supply quality products would offer enhanced warranty period and should have a responsive customer care and maintenance team to offer repair and maintenance service in quickest of time and as and when and where required.

Colourful furntiure

Please ensure that you buy colourful school furniture particularly for the nursery, kindergarten, play school, daycare centres, crèches.

Value for money

Some schools may get carried away by the low-cost products available in the market and it may appear to be a better option initially but they may not be able to cope up with the classroom impact in the long run. But on closer scrutiny, one would be able to arrive at the conclusion that a high-quality sturdy furniture made of high grade raw materials designed by experienced experts of the field and which are durable and long lasting may be a better bet in the long run even if they come at higher cost. Warranty offered by the manufacturer is a good pointer to the quality, durability and sturdiness of furniture and needless to say, products with higher warranty should be preferred.


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