Created: 3rd October, 2016     Last Updated: 8th February, 2017

Tips and Guide for buyers of Office Furniture

Buying office furniture may seem to be an easy task but one has to take into consideration factors like budget of the company, comfort of the employees, work space availability, color scheme with gels well with the office atmosphere and brand identity, the right store or dealer to buy from etc.

Buying right office furniture is as important as purchasing or renting the office itself. It enhances and lightens the office environment and makes it conductive working environment for the employees, improves productivity and attracts prospective employees. A right kind of office furniture would make efficient and optimum utilization of available office space.

Costing and Budget

Cost consideration is the first thing to be taken into consideration before hitting the furniture store. One must prepare the budget beforehand along with the list of the items to be purchased. This would help in narrowing down to your exact requirement without compromising on the quality. If the budget is really low, one can consider buying form a used furniture shop.

Needs and requirements

In an office, emplolyees would be mostly sitting and working. So making them availabe comfortable chairs and desks should be the first priority. With ergonomic tables and chairs availabe in the store at affordable prices, one must definitely go for them. Besides, one must also decide beforehand as to what kind of office working environment would be suitable; whether you are looking for a formal or casual working atmosphere in the office, you should buy based on that.

Flexibility and functionality

Make sure that you buy furniture which have multiple functionality and are flexible. For example, a desk with a storage or a table with space beneath it and so on. This would not only ensure that you are cutting down on the cost, but also ensure optimum and efficient usage of the available office space. "When you balance functionality with low cost, you’re hitting two birds with one stone."

Right Size

With the cost of the office space hitting the roof, buying or renting bigger office space may not be feasible for every business partcularly for the startups. So one has to make optimum and efficeint utilisation of the available office space keeping enough space for comfortable working space and free movement of the employees. Buying the furniture of right size and dimension becomes all the more important in such a scenerio.

Modular Office Furniture

One should always try to buy modular furntiure, as they can be easily assembled and dismantled as and when required. Besides, modular furniture can be arranged in different ways according to the needs and requirements of the office. They are manufactured utilizing every inch of the space and have multiple functionality which helps in maximum utilization of the available office space.

Aesthetic Value and Brand Identity

You should not only buy furnitue that gels well with your office but also the one which creates the right kind of working environment for increasing efficiency and productivity. Choosing the right colour scheme plays an important role in selecting the furnitue. Orange colour is associated with energetic and creative atmosphere while blue resembles wisdom. One should not select mixture of multiple colours and end up messing up the office atmosphere and diminishes brand identity. Many brands are associated with particular colour scheme and the office furniture should also reflect the same. You should not buy furniture which does not go well with your office aesthetic, culture and identity.

Buy directly from manufacturer

Buying your furniture requirements from a manufacturer directly may not only save you decent bucks but may also provide you with wider choice, variety, ideas and options as compared to a store or a dealer.

Good After Sales Service Team

The furniture would need repair and maintenance from time to time. So always buy your furniture from a store or dealer which has a responsive customer care and after sales service team.

Refurbish instead of buying

If you are planning to revamp your office but your budget is not allowing you the luxury, then you can consider refurbishing the same. There are stores and service providers who can do this and this would give a new and fresh look to your office and more importantly within your budget.


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