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Electronic Weighbridge Manufacturer

Darshan Weighing System Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing companies in Western India focusing on Electronic Weighbridge & Weighing Instruments manufactured under one roof, complying with the quality norms and demands of today & tomorrow. Our range of weigh bridge includes Pit Type Weighbridge, Pitless Weighbridge, Mobile Weighbridge and manufacturing and installing weighing bridges as per the specific parameters provided by our patrons. We are based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Our myriad ranges of weighbridges are well designed, manufactured and equipped with latest technology and certified testing is done before delivering it to our client for a hassle free experience. We have our own team of dedicated engineers and technocrats who supervise installation of weighbridge at client site to ensure perfect installation and working of weighbridge.

We are an ISO Certified company and we have successfully installed more than 500 weighbridges all over India. Our electronic weighbridges has helped us gain trust of our client sand they are satisfied with our after sales support and services.

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Pit Type Weighbridge Manufacturer We are one of the recognized manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of pit type weighbridge in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We are preferred over our competitors for weighbridge because our sturdy design, error free weight readings, long shelf life and quality service. Our vision is very clear and it is to provide best possible electronic weighbridge to our customers based on various parameters and budget. Some of the features and advantages of Pit Type Weighbridge are given below:
  • Pit type weigh bridge is suitable for sites where there is limitation of space as it does not require construction of approaching ramps.
  • The platform of the weighbridge is at the ground level and so no ramps required.
  • Pit Type Weighbridge is designed for rigorous and heavy vehicle usage for harsh and extreme environment.
  • Vehicles can mount on weighbridge from any direction
  • Wide flange beams and other infrastructure are accurately fabricated and installed for durable and accurate performance.

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Steel Pitless Weighbridge Darshan Weighing System has established as one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of pitless and semi pit less type weighbridge from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We are well-known for high quality, durability and robust product delivery to our client. With type of weighbridge there is no need for construction of any underground pit and the weighbridge can be installed on the ground itself thus saving cost and time of the clients. However, it would cover more space as compared to pit type because of construction of ramps for vehicles to mount on the weighbridge which would be above the level of the ground. It is also known as surface mounted weighbridge

Features and benefits of Pitless Weighbridge

  • Cost effective as compared to other type of weighbridges since no civil work required for construction of pit.
  • Quick installation as no pit construction necessary. However, ramps would be installed for vehicles to approach weighbridge.
  • Very robust, sturdy and tough in structure with long shelf life.
  • Come in ready to install module for easy transportation and installation.
  • Maintenance is easy as the load cell & the top of deck plates are above the ground level facilitating easy and convenient maintenance.
  • No water logging problem as all the important equipment are above the ground level.

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Electronic Mobile Weighbridge We have made a name for us as leading manufacturers and suppliers of mobile weigh bridge from Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India. Mobile Weighbridge offers many advantages as compared tor other types of weighbridges like pit type or pitless weighbridge and has gained traction with many customers. It is the first choice of a temporary site. Some of the features and advantages of mobile weighbridge are given below:

Benefits of Mobile Weighbridge

  • It can be installed in 2 hours whereas pit type weighbridge takes 2-3 months.
  • It is cost-effective solution and is much economical compared to pit type or pitless weighbridge.
  • It comes in ready to install mode which has inbuilt platform, bottom frame, load cells & ramps.
  • Mobile weighbridge can be installed on a plain and hard ground and there is no need to construct any platform as it comes ready with a complete package. One can think of it as a weighbridge which is unloaded from a truck and directly placed and installed on the ground.
  • It can be easily dismantled and transferred to another site.
  • Easy to maintain as all the components are above the ground and easily accessible.
  • High strength, durability, mobility, quick installation, economical, easy maintenance has made it a preferred choice of many types of activities.

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Weighbridge Accessories We offer weighbridge accessories for all types of electronic weighbridge including Alpha Numeric Intelligent Terminal, Computerised Software, Computer Systems, Conversion Alpha Intelligent Terminal, Conversion Super Intelligent Terminal, Electronic Computer Systems, Indicator, Jumbo Display, Super Intelligent Terminal, TVS MSP 240 Printer and other accessories. For further information on all types of weighbridge and accessories please get in touch with us.

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Darshan Weighing Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Naroda GIDC, Phase-3, Near Sanjay Nagar
Ahmedabad - 382330, Gujarat, India
P: 079 - 22818215
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