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Air Cooling System

D.P.ENGINEERS is the company promoted in India by the Executives having a combined experience of more then 15 years in the filter & Air Conditioning related industry. Our range of products include AHU Unit, Air Curtain, Air Washer Unit, Axial Flow Fan, Cellulose Paper Pad, Blower & Fan, Cooling Coil, Ductable Unit, Fan Coil Unit, Fresh Air Unit, Cooling Coil / Heating Coil, PVC fills, Dust free Unit, Industrial Cooler. Product Applications : Air Conditioning, Showroom, Shopping Mall, Restaurant & Bar Hotels Office, Call Centre, Schools, Studio, Institute, Hospital, Pharma company, Clean Room
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Laminar Air Flow Clean Bench Cabinet

We are one of the prominent manufacturers and exporters of highly efficient laminar air flow clean bench cabinet. These are high appreciated for its performance in application including industrial, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Bio-tech research.


  • Select from Vertical and Horizontal Type 
  • 99.97% Particle Removal Class 100 HEPA Filter 
  • Microprocessor PID/Digital/Manual Controlled 
  • Back Light Display 
  • Air Velocity Control 
  • UV, FL Lamp 
  • Bio-Gene class 100 HEPA Filter removes 99.97% of 0.3 ┬Ám particle 
  • Microprocessor/PID/Digital Controller with back light, 99 hour 59 min timer, air velocity control and filter replacement warning lamp 
  • Slide Type Door with acrylic/tempered safety glass, durable powder coated body and stainless steel work table 
  • Silent Vibration-Free Blower ensure noiseless operation and anti-vibration construction provides efficient working environment 
  • Built-In Lamps and Utilities UV and Fluorescent Lamp, air and gas cock, power consent.

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Magnetic Gauge We provide magnehelic gauge of S2000 series which is low in cost, diaphragm operated and differential pressure gauge. Owing to these features these are used in applications for measuring positive, negative, or differential pressure with an accuracy of 2%. Besides, these are also applied for monitoring:-

Filter Status, Duct Static Pressure, Room Pressure, Fan or Blower Pressure, Paint Booths, Laminar Flow Benches, Sampling Dispensing Booth, Air Shower, Dust Collectors, Cabinet purging and many others.

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Air Handling Units

D.P.Engineers Manufacturing of Single & Double skin Air Handling Unit and Ceilng Suspended Units of higher capacity 800CFM to 60000 CFM-v-beltt drive & direct drive static presure 10 mm to 300 mm WG Depends on the application and requirement. 

Technical specifications:- 

We are manufacturing air handling unit & ceillng suspended units in single & double skin configurations casing the standard aluminum hollow profile, pannel thick 25mm insulation Puf outer colour coated sheet. Inner GI plain sheet, blower centrifugal type forward curved, wet and dry sections, cooling coil,filter section easly slided for 50 mm thick pre air filter box type washable type & canvas. 


Air Conditioning Showroom,  Shopping mall, Restaurant & bar, Hotels, Office, Call centre, Building, Schools, Studio, Institute, Hospital, Pharma company, Clean room.

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Air Washer Unit

Capacity Available : 2000 to 40000 CFM with Single Blower & 4000 to 80000 CFM with Single & Multiple Blowers 

Base Frame: The Total assembly is mounted on a horizontal member of heavy mild steel channel. 

Fan section: Constructed in GI sheet with inspection doors. 

Wet section: Constructed in GI sheet. 

Water tank constructed in GI /SS 

Blower: Dynamically Balanced Forward Curved, Didw type makes DPENGINEERS / Imported. 

Cellulose paper pad: Imported 

Electric motor : Three phases, squirrel cage induction motor of standard makes (Compton, ABB & Kirloskar etc. ). 

Drive pulley : V-Groove 


Pump: Monoblock standard makes 

Filter: HDPE/Aluminum/GI Mesh Filter. 

Pipe Fittings : PVC/GI Piping with all necessary fittings such as Float Valve, Quick fill, overflow & drain ports.

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Impellers / Fan Blower 

We offer an extensive range of Impeller Fan Blowers to our customers. Our range is available in various types which covers a huge range of pressures and quantities. Through the Impeller Fan Blowers the air of gas flows parallel to the impeller axis. They are hugely demanded in industry for providing fume exhaust, general ventilation and removal of hot spots and as roof extractor. 

These have MS Casing/ Bracket with cast aluminum alloy impeller along with airfoil section blades appropriate for various mountings. The design of this impeller helps for an optimum relation between air quantity, pressure and power consumption.

Our range gives the most economical and excellent installation for industry such as: 

Heavy engineeringThermal Power StationsFertilizers
ChemicalTextileFood general

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Ductable Units

Ductable units are socially designed for Indian environment and conditions manufactured by D.P.ENGINEERS for industrial and commercial use of air conditioning the units are compact yet enough spacious to accommodate fairly large size of chilled water. Dx evaporator coils, centrifugal forward curved statically and dynamically balanced blower, direct driven motor, and air filter, insulated drain pan and galvanized steel casing, the units are acoustically treated for silent operation. (Special range for pharmaceutical industries) 

Special features 

Cooling Coil: High efficiency sine DP Engineers coil cw/Dx evaporator type are made with copper tube and aluminum fins mechanically bonded to the tubes 

Blower: Direct driven heavy duty didw forward curved (dynamically and statically balanced) for quite operation. 

Motor: GE/Crompton make motor is provided for trouble free performance. 

Range: Models are available from 1200 cfm to 400 cfm. 

Casing: All casing consist of heavy gauge galvanized finish. 

Filter: Washable HDPE air filter is provided with standard units. 

Drain pan: Eva foam/polystyrene insulated drain pan. 

Service: Bottom operable. 


Residential, Buildings, Schools & Institutes, Auditoriums, Banquet Halls, Shopping Plazas, Hotel, Kitchens, Generator Rooms, Pharmaceutical Plants, Food Processing Units, 

Banks, Offices, Canteens, Temples, Hospitals, Bakeries, Factories, Restaurants, Show rooms, Live stocks

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A-12,LGF,Pandav Nager Complex, Ganesh Nager,Nr.Aggarwal Sweet,Delhi-110092
Delhi - 110092, Delhi, India
P: + 91 - 11 - 22083434
M: + 91 - 11 - 22083434 + 91 - 9871014210

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