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In Motion Weighbridge

In motion weighbridge is a useful type of weighbridge system which find application in variety of industry and situations. Different types of In-motion weighbridges include road weighbridge, rail weigh bridge etc. which can record weight of a vehicle in static or in motion. They can also record weight of per axle or a wagon or an entire train. We are a Bangalore based leading manufacturers and suppliers in India of all types of weighbridge including in motion weighbridges.
Rail Weigh in Motion Rail Weigh-In-Motion is our RDSO approved, customized, train weighing system or rail weighbridge that is easy to install at low cost. Our specialist team develops solutions for all rail users, from raw material procurement to end users. Our System ensures high accuracy even at varying speeds. The system can be designed for static and/or in motion weighing of wheels, axles and bogies and for full weighing of locomotives and all types of rolling stock. By automatically detecting wheel, axle and wagon overloads the system helps to identity imbalanced loads and avoid multiple weighing of the same vehicle ensuring safety and avoiding overloading penalties. We are Bangalore based one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in India of different types of weighbridges.

Truck Weigh In Motion Truck Weigh in Motion type of Weighbridges are very useful solutions and proven technology for many wide ranging applications including high speed and low speed weighing, overload detection, protection of bridges, toll road, mines, sea ports from over weight vehicle.

Trucks with axle load higher than legal and permissible limits can cause a disproportionately higher level of damage to infrastructure and adversely impact traffic safety. Our Truck Weigh in motion System is a robust, reliable, maintenance-free weighing mechanism designed for use on highway entries with non-stop heavy traffic.

We provide design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales support over 86 locations across India for our wide range of high quality and technologically advance weighbridges. We are based out of Bangalore, Karnataka.

Mobile Axle Weighbridge Axle Weighbridge can weigh a truck or other vehicle in motion and offers many advantages over other types of weighbridges and find applications in wide variety of industry. The weight is recorded per axle of truck and the total weight of the vehicle is sum of the weight of all the axle. It is easy to install and requires lesser civil work and maintenance. It can weigh up to 50 tons per axle and can weigh a truck with maximum up to 120 tons. It is constructed at the level of the ground and can be installed in quick time as the civil work is not too much. We are a leading manufactures in India of Axle weighbridge based out of Bangalore, Karnataka.

Flexi Weighbridge Flexi Weighbridge offers many advantages over other types of weighbridges. They are adjustable for different types of carriers, requires no civil work, can be shifted from one place to another, is low cost and can be installed in a matter of hours.

Features of Flexi Weighbridge

  • Mobile Adjustable Platforms to suit different carriers with varying axle distance.
  • Low height with built-in ramp for vehicles to mount the weighbridge.
  • Easy to setup, operate and connect weigh bridge.
  • No civil foundation work required and can be easily placed on any hard and plain surface.
  • Since they are not permanently fixed, it can be shifted easily from one place to another.
  • It is a low cost weighing scale as does not reqire any civil cost related expenses.

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Essae Digitronics Pvt. Ltd.

No. 34 & 35, Bommsandra Industrial Area, Anekal Taluk, Bommasandra
Bangalore - 560099, Karnataka, India
P: 080 - 40834732
M: 9342332374 9342892103

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