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Weighbridge Manufacturers in India

With more than 15 years of experience and industry knowledge, Essae Digitronics Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore today has gained the reputation as topmost manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India of Electronic Weighbridge including Concrete Weigh Bridge, Mobile Weighbridge, Steel Weighbridge, Pitless Weighbridge, Truck Scale among others. Backed by our long experience with focus on quality, we have become a preferred name among our valued clients all over the Indian Subcontinent. Our products are being exported to countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nigeria and South African countries.

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Mobile Weighbridge Manufacturers We are a Bangalore based experienced and reliable manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of mobile weighbridge all over India which are known for their high strength, easy and quick installation, long shelf life, accurate weight data etc.

Advantages of Mobile weighbridge

  • It is low cost and easy to operate.
  • Mobile Weighbridge does not require civil foundation and is installed on level and hard surface.
  • All the components including steel foundation and platform, load cells, ramps etc. comes in ready to install format and are just assembled at the site
  • It can be installed and start operation in 2-3 hours
  • Can be shifted to another site or location easily and quickly
  • Accuracy of weighing.

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Concrete Weighbridge Concrete Weighbridge is one which have concrete deck where trucks and vehicles are mounted to weigh the load. It has immense load bearing strength and capacity and required minimum maintenance. Our Concrete Decks are designed to keep installation, maintenance and operation of the weighbridge simple and long lasting even in the most difficult conditions like saline and corrosive environment.

We are today a sought after manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India of mobile weigh bridge and other weighbridges. Our Concrete deck weighbridges are available from 10 - 150 t with platform sizes ranging from 2m x 2m to 25m x 6m.

A weighbridge with concrete deck can either be a surface mounted or a pit mounted depending on the space availability and other parameters. Our infrastructure are equipped with latest machines and tools which are deployed to ensure quality weighing scales are manufactured.

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Steel Weighbridge Steel Weighbridge means a weighbridge where the decks are made of steel rather than concrete. Steel Decks are preferred over conventional decks because of its easy installation, simple foundation, higher strength, innovative box construction, lesser construction time and cost effective. One can choose either a surface mounted weighbridge or a pit type weighbridge for steel foundation decks depending on the space availability and other parameters.

Our steel decks are designed and fabricated to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Superior quality steel is used to manufacture decks to ensures better sectional efficiency and load bearing capacity of the weighbridge. We have a well-equipped infrastructure with latest machinery like Plasma Cutting, MIG Welding, NDT Testing, Shot Blasting, Protective Coating, Epoxy Finishing etc which help us in creating quality weighbridges every time for our valued clients. This has ensured we are today reputed manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of electronic weighbridge in India.

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Pitless Truck Scale Electronic Pitless Weighbridge is opted by many operators because of its many advantages over Pit Type Weighbridges. Pitless Truck Scale is easy to install, operate and maintain, can be installed in quicker time, is cost effective among other benefits. We are recognized manufacturers, suppliers and exporters all over India of Pitless weighbridge which are appreciated for its higher strength, durability, sturdiness, easy operation and maintenance.

Advantages of Pitless Weighbridge

  • Construction of costly pit no required
  • Easy installation and operation.
  • Takes much lesser time to install compared to Pit Type Weighbridge
  • Easier to maintain as all the parts & accessories are easily accessible
  • Less costlier in comparison to Pit Type as not concrete foundation is required.

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Truck Scale Manufacturers in India We have earned the appreciation of industry as leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of high quality range of truck scale with pan India Operation. Our weighbridges are known for their higher strength, sturdiness, greater reliability and faster installation, easy operation and negligible maintenance. Backed by more than 15 years of experience, we offer pit type as well as surface mounted weighbridges along with portable mobile and other types of weighbridges. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with modern and latest machinery to ensure high quality and innovative products with latest technology are delivered to our customers.

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Axle Weighbridge We are a prominent name in the domain and are offering wide gamut of axle weighbridge which are very much preferred in mining industry and factories because of its many advantages over other type of weighbridges. It requires minimum civil work which can be completed in 3-4 days time and installed in a day. The cost of the axle weigh bridge is low and thus ROI is fast.

Features of Axle Weighbridge

  • We offer axle weigh bridge with capacity up to 50 tons per axle
  • Weigh trucks up to 120 tons
  • Each axle weigh is recorded independently
  • The sum total of all axle weight is the total weight
  • Easy to install, low cost, quick installation and negligible maintenance

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Rail Weighbridge We are a recognized company in the field of Rail Weighbridge which are used to measure weight of loaded goods in a wagon either in motion or in static position. It can calculate weight of the entire train or individual wagon as well.

Technical Specifications of Rail Weighbridge

  • Weigh Sensors: Hermetically sealed shear beam load cells / Embedded Rail Mounted Strain gauge Sensors
  • Design: Pitless Type
  • Capacity: 100MT / 150MT for Standard wagons up to 700 MT for Hot Metal Laddle and Torpedo Cars
  • Resolution: 10Kg / 20Kg / 50Kg / 100Kg Selectable
  • Calibration: Digital calibration for Tare, Zero, Gain, Auto Zero and Auto gain Check
  • Accuracy: +/_0.5% for Individual Wagon
    +/_0.2% for Unit Train
  • Weigh Bridge: Suitable for 52Kg / 60Kg Track Grade Rails Length 4 Mtr
  • Weighing Speed: up to 15Kmph Non Weighing up to 40 Kmph as limiter by railways
  • Track Switches: Double Arm Reed Proximity / Optical Proximity
  • Wagon ID: All Types of 4axle / 2axle
  • Loco Elimination: All types Diesel / Electric Locos
  • Direction: Bi directional
  • Electronics: Microprocessors based very High Speed Signal Processing
  • Interface: Through RS232 / RS485 / LAN / MODEM
  • Printout: Rake wise, Monthly and Periodical reports
  • Computer: IBM Compatible Pentium / Celeron PC
  • Software: Windows based with Visual Basic and Access

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