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India has become the fasting growing major economy in the world overtaking China in the last quarter of 2014. Major advantages with India are its young skilled population, availability of cheap labour, abundant natural resources, huge potential for investment in all the sectors of the economy etc. Indian GDP was 2073 billion dollars in 2015-16 which was 3.34% of world's GDP. The annual GDP growth rate for the year 2015-2016 was 7.6 as compared to 7.2 in the previous year (2014-2015). India also became the fourth largest start-up hub in the world in the year 2014-2015. In terms of GDP Maharashtra is the wealthiest state in India followed by Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

Overall Exports from India

As far as exports from India is concerned, it has been steadily increasing over the years and touched 261 billion dollars in the year 2015-16. India's top export products include petroleum products, gems and jewellery, automobiles, engineering and machinery, chemical products, Pharmaceuticals, agricultural produce, iron and steel, textile and garments, electronics etc. The manufacturers and exporter from India supported by the improvement in technology, availability of cheap raw materials and labour, improving infrastructure and congenial government policies have contributed to the increase in the exports from India. The improvement in exports can be judged from the fact that India was an importer of Iron and Steel before independence and now the 4th largest producer in the world and a major exporter. The export is led by exporters from both private and public sector. UAE, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherland, China are the main export countries for India.

Service Sector Exports from India

Indian economy also boast of one of the most vibrant and second fastest growing service sector in the world which contributes approx. 66% to the GDP in the year 2015-16. It also contributes the highest FDI inflows and the IT industry (IT, BPO, Software Services) remains the highest private sector employer in India employing nearly 3.7 million people. Its share in employment is 28%.

Export of Services is also an important element of India's GDP. It has grown to 156 billion US Dollars in 2014 and is 7.5% of GDP which puts India at 8th position as the exporter of Services. IT Sector alone contributed USD 108 billion worth of services exports from India in the year 2015-16. Services export constitute nearly 60% of the total export from India.

Agriculture Sector

Agriculture and allied sector (including forestry fishing) employs more than half of the total work force but contributes only 17% to GDP in the year 2015-2016. India is 2nd largest producer of farm products. India is one of the major exporters of agricultural products and it constitutes nearly 10 of the total exports from India.

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing is another important segment of India's economy which constitues nearly 15% of GDP. The new government elected in 2014 is giving a lot of importance to manufacturing sector and has come out with "Make in India" initiative to promote and facilitate manufacturers and manufacturing in India and generate jobs for the youth. The manufacturing sector is bound to increase its share of GDP in the coming years and the government has set a target of making Indian manufacturing 25% of GDP by 2025.

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