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Fire Fighting Service

We provide all fire fighting services and equipments including installation of pipes, sprinkler systems, hydrant systems, co2 systems, fire extinguishers along with their maintenance. We also provide fire fighting equipment at wholesale price. We provide our services for residential as well as commercial and industrial places. We have the required experience to install fire fighting systems as per the suitability and requirements of the clients.
Fire Fighting Pump We provide jocky pump , main pump(or) electrical pumps, and diesel pump as per the buyers requirement. It pumps water from the sump to the fire area at high speed and huge pressure...
Fire fighting pump
  • jockey pump
  • main pump
  • diesel pump

Sprinkler Systems, CO2 Systems If in case of fire at the area where the sprinkler system provided, the bulb inside the sprinkler will blast and spray water to put off the fire.

It will keep your storage area safe In case of fire....!!!

Hydrant Systems In case of big fire that the sprinkler systems failure we can shut the fire from outside by using these hydrant systems.

Fire Extinguishers We provide all kinds of fire extinguishers like dcp, co2, etc. Fire extinguishers are used for fast action.. In case of small fire use those preferable extinguishers to put off it!!!
fire extinguisher
  • dry Chemical extinguisher (dcp)
  • carbondioxide extinguisher (co2)

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GR Fabricators

No47, manikavasagar st, appavu nagar, orikkai, Kanchipuram
Chennai - 631502, Tamil Nadu, India
M: 9994324036 9994735286

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