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Measuring Instruments


Flame Arrestor Flame arresters are safety device designed to exitinguish or chek the travel of flame in pipelines and ducts and to prevent flame spreading from them into or put of plant and equipments. Available in sizes from 1" to 12" elements are stainless steel with a cast alluminium , carbon steel or stainless steel casing. testing as CMRI standard.

GLASS TUBE ROTAMETER Designed on variable area basis using tappered borosilicate galss tube pressure rating at 10kg/cm2 temp at 150°C. p Material of wetted part C.S./S.S..304/S.S.316/PP/PVC/Teflon Line size 15mm NB to 100NB Flow range 10 to 20,000 LPH of water Accuracy ±1 % full scale reading accessories Screwed/Flanged/House connection

METAL TUBE ROTAMETER Suitable for measuring flow rate for translucent opaque liquid, gases under high temp. & pressure Material of Const C.S.//S.S..304/S.S.316/PP/PVC/Teflon Linned Lines Size 15mm NB to 200mmNB, Flow Range 100 to 100,000 LPH of water at ambient temp.30 to 7000 NM/Hr ofr air at NPT Accuracy ±1 % full scale reading Accessories Steam jacketing High & low flow alarms 4-20mA transmitter out put Digital Indicator, Totaliser.

MANOMETER We are into manufacturing and exporting of Industrial Grade Manometer, which is specially designed to measure pressure. Industrial Grade Manometers offered by us, are manufactured from Aluminum casing from three sides with transparent acrylic front. Moreover, this Industrial Grade Manometer has uniform bore, thick -walled Borosilicate glass and is powder coated. Features : Scale is Aluminum Anodized with PVC/PP/SS304 wetted parts The end connections may be ¼" BSP, ½" BSP OR Nozzle type Mounting available in wall/Panel/Stand type. All manometers are supplied with zero adjusting knob and drain plug Instrument accuracy is better than +/-0.5% of F.S.D.

BREATHER VALVE Pressure & vacuum relief valve is designed nota only for product vapour conservation but also to allow tank breathing. The pressure and vacuum functions are combined in one fitting which is available in 2"-12" (50mm - 300mm) sizes. The standard body materials are alluminium alloy for 2", 3", 4" and 6" sizes and cast steel, 10" sizes.

LEVEL SWITCH Suitable for automatic operation of pumps gives change over contact at predetermined level step less adjustment of switching point entire range without interrupting to process. Switching contact arthritically sealed in glass hence safe and totally protecting them from surroundings of wetted parts : SS 304/S.S.316/PP/PVC Casing : Weather prorr/Flame proff

LEVEL GAUGE /INDICATOR Tubular level gauge directly indicates liquid level in atmospheric or pressurised tanks. It is a simple and reliable device mounted parallel along the side of tank. Material of Wetted part C.S./S.S..304/S.S.316/PP/PVC/Rubber . Teflon Linned Glass Tube Heavy wall borosilicate glass 19mm Pressure rating 10kg/CM Range 0-3 metre Scale M/C engravd on backelite sheet graduated in cm Features Isolation valves of C.S./S.S..304/PP

SIDE MOUNTED MAGNETIC LEVEL GAUGE Suitable for continous level indication of fuming liquid which attacks glass very corrosive and hazardrous liquid S.S. Flot which is equpped which alnico magnet moes up and down along with the level increase of decrease. The float magnet movements is magnetically coupled to the follower outside chabmer which is enclosed in a glass tube. Material of wetted part C.S./S.S..304/S.S.316/PP/PVC/Teflon Material fo float C.S./S.S..304/S.S.316/PP/PVC/Teflon lined Range 0-5 meters Pressure rating 40kg/cm2 Scale M/C engraved on backelite anodised aluminuim sheet graduated in cm. Features Low & High Level Alarms 4-20mA transmitter Digital Indicator

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Plot No.- 4207/A, Nr.Crystal Chowkdi, GIDC. Ankleshwar
Vadodara - 390005, Gujarat, India
P: 91 - 2646 - 252413
M: 9824466603

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