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SICAN 2301 Double Beam Spectrophotometer SICAN 2600 Double Beam Spectrophotometer U-2900/2910 Double Beam Spectrophotometer
•Advion, USA Compact Mass Spectrometer – Compact, fast, easy & affordable! CMS is a compact fume hood-designed mass spec for Chemists to: •Save time & money •Provide vital information faster •Simplify & speed up your purification •A high performance mass spec designed just for chemists •Useful tool for reaction monitoring, compound confirmation A mass detector which can be integrated into existing HPLC, UPLC and SFC systems
PLC 2020 Flash/Normal Phase/ Reverse Phase Purification System, Preparative HPLC, LC/MS Purification systems, FTLC System, Fraction Collector, Automated Liquid Handling system, GPC & SPE Post Extraction Clean up System
We introduce you to plenty of data on analytical methods and their results using our High Performance Liquid Chromatograph
Prince Technologies is one of the world’s leading innovation and manufacturing specialists of capillary electrophoresis and autosampler equipment
XOS® is a leading global provider of mission-critical materials-analysis equipment for industries and regulators that must control material quality and performance, from consumer products (e.g. toys) to electronics to petroleum industries. XOS leverages its world leadership in x-ray optics to supply application-specific analyzers that measure environmental and product contaminants such as lead, cadmium, chlorine, and sulfur. As a supplier to analytical instrument companies, XOS offers x-ray optics and sub-systems to enhance analytical performance in x-ray instruments.
ITACHI Thermal Power Systems has always been committed to providing customers with reliable high-quality products and new technologies
Oxford Lasers was founded in 1977 by physicists from Oxford University whose research had been directed towards the study of new, yet practical, laser devices. Initially the company focused on the manufacture of Excimer lasers and Copper Vapour Lasers. Since 1990 we have manufactured laser-based systems incorporating lasers of all types, with an increasing emphasis on solid state lasers
From its incorporation in 1915 as a laboratory supplies trading company, RETSCH has developed consistently into the fields of solids homogenization and sieve analysis. Its unparalleled product line has won RETSCH the position of world leader in the niche market of milling and sieving equipment.
In 1984 Sympatec has been established as a spin-off from the Technical University of Clausthal, using Swiss capital. Since its foundation, the company has endeavoured to achieve and maintain a leading competitive position in the market by developing innovative products using the best expertise available. With regard to particle technology Sympatec, employ renowned experts with specific know how and experience.
Chemspeed Technologies focuses on creating, developing and delivering full workflow application orientated solutions which enhance R&D productivity
We are looking forward to an intensive cooperation with you, during which we are going to support you actively and individually. This is what we mean by “Research made easy” – we help you concentrate on your research, with your findings, your company and millions of people worldwide in mind.
An ISO 9001 certified company, PolyScience has implemented the systems, processes, and procedures necessary to ensure the quality, performance, and reliability of every product and component we manufacture. We’re continually raising our already high standards and constantly striving for improvement.
Radleys specialise in supplying innovative chemistry tools for scientists, allowing them to undertake their research faster and more effectively… We have been manufacturing scientific glassware and laboratory instruments for over 45 years and our customers include leading industrial and academic research facilities around the world. In the rapidly changing world of science and chemistry, we work hard to respond to the needs of our customers by investing in new product development that will allow them to remain at the forefront of chemistry research. Our specific areas of expertise are focused on equipment for chemical synthesis, process development, work-up and evaporation. Radleys products provide… • Faster reactions, increased productivity and lower labour costs • Better yields and improved purity • Improved safety • Improved efficiency and less waste • Reproducible results – control, record and lo
Quality made in Germany – for your safety! Roetzmeier Safety Containers are manufactured in Germany with using regional suppliers. Our family business is located in Salzkotten (central Germany). With over 45 years experience in working with stainless steel and our permanent search for innovations and improvements in safety technology we can offer you products with the highest quality for the handling of hazardous substances. Since foundation we provide safety containers from stainless steel, the range includes safety cans, canisters, -barrels, -transportation containers and -funnels. And we will continue to develop innovative products to enable our customers to comply with environmental regulations and health and safety legislation. Our transparent and documented processes are regularly certified by an external quality assurance program. Ongoing internal audits complementary ensure the effectiveness of our quality management, which includes all business areas from product development to shipment of orders. That way our products became a synonym for highest quality in the industry for safety products.
“In liquids, we set the measure” SensoTech is a provider of systems for the analysis and optimization of process in liquids. Since our establishment in 1990, we have developed into a leading supplier of process analyzers for the inline measurement of the concentration and density of liquids. Our analytical systems set benchmarks that are used globally.
ThalesNano is specialized in developing and providing microscale flow instruments for chemistry, by exploiting benefits of combining microfluidics, mesofluidics and nanotechnology with flow chemistry. The company was founded in 2002 and is located in Budapest, Hungary. The company is widely recognized for its expertise in transforming chemical processes to microscale continuous-flow operations and developing manual or robotic continuous microreactors for the chemical industry.

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Inkarp Instruments Pvt. Ltd

1-2-45/1, Street No. 2, Kakatiya Nagar Colony, Habsiguda
Hyderabad - 500007, Andhra Pradesh, India
P: 91 - 40 - 27172293
M: 91 - 40 - 27172293

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