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Physics Lab Equipment

We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of educational scientific and laboratory equipments and instruments to schools and educational institutions throughout India. Only some of the physics lab equipment are listed here. If you are not able to locate your products, please get in touch with us.

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Code: K 1071
Equilateral Glass Prism

60°x60°x60°, clear glass, and refractive index 1.52 approx., polished faces.

Face mm Length mm
-01 25 25
-02 25 50
-03 25 75
-04 38 38
-05 38 75.

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Code: K 1075
Newton’s Ring Apparatus Consists of a plano-convex lens of 60mm diameter and 100cm focal length placed on a circular plane glass plate of equal diameter. Both enclosed in a frame with three compression screws for proper contact between lens and the plate.

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Code: K 1076
Ray Box A set of optical accessories for performing various experiments in reflection, refraction and colour. The key element is a ray box which has a metal lamp housing 155x70x55mm having an open front with finned sides to dissipate heat. It has four apertures one to accommodate the slit plate and another three for mounting colour filters. The two side apertures are fitted with hinged plane mirrors. With metal plate having single and triple slits and whitened on one side for use as returned image screen, 12V lamp and a lamp holder.

Optical Accessories
  • 5 Prisms(Rectangular, semi-circular, triangular 60°x60°x60°, triangular 90°x60°x30°, triangular 90°x45°x45°)
  • 3 Cylindrical lenses (one double concave, one double convex,  one thick double convex)
  • 3 Mirrors (curved parabolic, curved semicircular, mirror on stand)
  • 2 Slit plates
  • 8 Colour filters
  • 6 Colour cards

Set comes complete with a replacement bulb but without power supply.
  • 01 Complete Set
  • 02 Ray box only
  • 03 Power Supply
04 Replacement Lamp.

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Code: k 1001
Barlows Wheel To illustrate motion of a movable current carrying conductor in a magnetic field. A current of approximately 3A at 3-4V causes steady rotation of star shaped wheel. With electromagnet but without mercury.

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Code: k 1003
Hand Stroboscope A 255mm diameter disc with twelve slots and a finger hole, rotated about a ball bearing mounted on a handle.

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