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Established n the year 2009, an ISO 9001:2000 certified firm, we have created a niche for ourselves in the field of weighbridge and weighing scales. We are leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of weighbridges including electronic weigh bridge, mobile Weighbridge, pit type weighing bridge, pitless weighbridges, mobile weighbridge, truck scale, rail weighing bridges etc. In a short span of time, we have worked for a large number of clients and won their confidence because of our high quality weigh bridge and machines and our professional services. Delivering our products and services on time is our priority and we ensure that our clients get the highest ROI from our weighbridges.

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Portable Truck Weighbridge Portable Truck Weighbridge is preferred because of its many advantages as compared to pit mounted or surface mounted weigh bridge. We are leading name in the field of portable weighbridge because of its high quality, long life span and most competitive prices. Because of our experience and industry knowledge and our focus on innovation and technology, we have notched ahead of our competitors by a long way.

Some of the features of portable truck weighbridge are:-
  • Portable Weighbridge are very easy to install. The pre - assembled foundation with deck can be placed on the earth or concrete foundation directly from the delivery vehicle.

  • Since it comes pre assembled, mobile weighbridge can be installed very quickly in matter of hours. This saves time, materials and money.

  • Modular in design. The portable weighbridge comes with pre - assembled from factory and even the load cells are mounted at the factory.

  • Portable weigh bridge is completely steel with steel decks and are rigid and sturdy in design. Most of the trucks can be weigh on it.

  • Ideal solution for sites which requires frequent relocation of site as it can be easily dismantled, transported and reassembled.

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Pit Mounted Weighbridge We are a well known manufacturer of pit mounted weighbridge in India and our weighbridge is known for their sturdiness and long life span along with competitive prices. We have a team of skilled, experienced and professional technocrats who have constructed and installed different types of weighbridge in different sites with varying degree of challenges and demands. Please find below details of our pit type weighbridge.

Features of our Pit mounted weighbridge

  • Our pit type weighbridge is available in steel platform deck and concrete pit construction which would ensure longevity and durability of the weighbridge

  • The weighbridge is modular in design which can be easily transported and results in quick installation of the weighbridge, saving time and money.

  • Pit mounted weighbridge allows easy access to load cells and other weighing accessories and equipments which helps in easy maintenance of the weighing bridge thus resulting in long life span.

  • The weighbridge is made of steel and concrete and is rigid and sturdy in design to ensure frequent use of the weighbridge. The sturdiness and easy maintenance of our pit type weighbridge results in durability and longevity of the weigh bride.

  • The weighbridge allows transversal crossing

  • Our pit mounted weighbridge occupies lesser space since the platform deck is nearly at the ground level and there is no requirement of ramps for approaching vehicles.

Pit Construction Option

There is option of modular prefabricated concrete pit foundation which offers many benefits including avoiding any form work, saving time in construction of concrete foundation and also results in lower cost for the weighbridge. The other option is hot galvanized to improve its longevity and life span.

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Pit Less Weighbridge Our Surface mounted or Pit Less weighbridge comes in modular design for easy installation and transportation. The foundation for the weighbridge is available in prefabricated concrete which results in eliminating any form work. It also saves time, materials and money and results in clean installation of weighbridge.

The decks can be fitted with side rails which would help in preventing any accidents and damage to the weighbridge by preventing vehicles driving off the deck.

The weighing equipments are easily accessible by removing the covers on the deck which helps in easy maintenance of the weighbridge.

Surface mounted or pitless weighbridge would require more space as compared to pit mounted weighbridge since it would be at some height because it is surface mounted (as against underground pit mounted) and hence approaching ramps would need to be constructed which would require more space.

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Mobile Weighbridge in India The major advantages of mobile weighbridge include its easy and quick installation as well as its easy transportation. This along with the steel decks makes it a good choice for weighbridges. Mobile weighbridge is surface mounted and is suitable to weigh most of the trucks. Mobile weighbridge comes fully assembled with factory mounted load cells.

Mobile weighbridge is most suitable for sites which may require frequent shifting of sites, since it can be easily dismantled and transported to another site on a truck.

Mobile Weighbridge comes with factory prefabricated steel foundation which can be directly placed on earth or concrete foundation requiring minimum construction work for the surface.

The steel ramps for the entry and exit depending on the height of the deck comes with the weighbridge and just need to be bolted with the foundation and deck.

The weighing equipment including load cells and junction box can be easily accessed by removing the deck covers. This helps in easy maintenance of weighbridge which results in durability and longevity of the weighbridge.

In short, mobile weighbridge is portable, modular, completely steel, comes fully assembled and mounted with load cells, is easily installed in very quick time, easily transported, can be mounted on earth or concrete foundation with minimum foundation work,

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Electronic Weighbridge Scale We are a leading name in the field of electronic weighbridge and has been manufacturing and installing all types of weighbridge scale including pit mounted weighbridge, pitless weighbridge, surface mounted weighbridge, mobile or portable weighbridge etc. Being in ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we lay great importance on the quality of our weighbridge which ensures they are sturdy and have a long life span. We have ideal solution for every kind of requirement and we would suggest and install the best weighbridge type as per the site and requirements and specifications.

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