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Electronic Weighbridge Manufacturers

We are reputed manufacturers and suppliers of all types of electronic weighbridge including pitless and pit type weighbridges, electronic weighing bridge, mobile weigh bridge, modular weighbridge, portable weighbridge, mechanical weighbridge, load cells etc. Our weighbridge are known for their high quality, sturdiness, seamless performance, long life span, easy and low maintenance and with most competitive pricing. We have won the trust of our clients because of our high quality products and professional services.
Pit Type Weighbridge We are an experienced manufacturer and supplier of different types of weighbridges including Pit Type Weighbridge. This type of weighbridge is most suitable and preferred at sites where there is limitation of space like commercial or industrial areas as the cost for additional land would be more than the savings from construction of pitless weighbridge.

Pit type weighbridge requires lesser space because the platform of the weighbridge is at ground level and hence no ramps would be required which would result in saving of space. Also vehicles can approach from any direction as the weighbridge is at ground level.

Benefits of Pit type weighbridge

  • The most important benefit of pit type weighbridge is that it requires lesser space as compared to pitless weighbridge. Since pitless weighbrige is above ground level so they would need ramps which would require more space. In case of pit type weighbridge the requirement of space for ramps is eliminated.

  • Rickshaws & Tractor Trolleys can also be weighed as platform is at ground Level.

  • No approaching ramps are required for truck movement because it is installed at land surface level.

Pitless Weighbridge Manufacturers We are well-known manufacturer and supplier of high quality pitless or surface mounted weighbridge which are known for their sturdiness and long life span. It is suitable and preferred where construction work for foundation is difficult or is expensive or there is limitation of space. Since the structure of pitless weighbridge is surface mounted and is above the ground level at some height, vehicles can approach the weighbridge only from two directions where approaching ramps are provided. This type of weighbridge requires more space as compared to pit type weighbridge which is at the ground level and no ramps is required. Pitless Weighbridge has some benefits over other types of weighbridges and some of them are given below.

Benefits of Pitless Weighbridge

  • In case of pitless weighbridge, costly pit construction is eliminated as it is surface mounted and no foundation work is required.

  • Since the weighbridge platform is above ground level, there is no water logging problem during rainy season.

  • Construction and maintenance of pit is eliminated. Also the maintenance is easy since all the weighing equipments are easily accessible including load cells and junction box by removing the top cover of the deck.

  • Easy maintenance since all parts accessible above ground level.

  • Pitless weighbridge is economical as compared to pit type weighbridge as there is no cost involved in construction of pit. Also it can be installed in quick time.

As the weighbridge is surface mounted and would be at some height in case of pitless weighbridge, RCC or steel ramps must be required at least 3 meters on both sides for movement of vehicles.

Mobile Weighbridge Manufacturers Mobile Weighbridge is suitable and ideal for many sites because of many of its features and advantages as compared to other types of weighbridges. It requires of foundation and can be directly mounted on smooth surface. It is modular in design and can be easily assembled and installed in a matter of hours. Mobile Weighbridge saves a lot of time, money and materials because of its easy and quick installation. It it is no longer required at a site, mobile weighbridge can be easily dismantled, transported and re-installed at new site.

Mobile Weighbridges are steel fabricated and modular in design and comes fitted with load cells and other modules like steel fabricated bottom frame which acts as foundation, top frame decks where vehicles are mounted etc. The load cells are installed between the bottom frame and the top frame. The factory steel fabricated bottom frame acts like foundation which just needs to be placed on smooth and plain surface.

Benefits of Mobile Weighbridge

  • Mobile weighbridge requires no foundation and can be directly placed on smooth and hard surface which saves a lot of time because no construction of time-taking and costly foundation is required.

  • In a pit mounted weighbridge, an underground pit foundation needs to be constructed which is not only costly but also takes a lot of time. But in case of mobile weighbridge no costly underground pit construction is required as it can be mounted directly on smooth surface.

  • Mobile Weighbridge is modular in design with load cells, decks for vehicles and ramps are all different modules and just needs to be assembled. Modular design also helps in easy transportation of the weighbridge while installation or re-installation.

  • Since mobile weighbridge is modular in design, requires no foundation, it is easy to install and can be done in very quick time in a matter of hours.

  • It can be easily shifted from one site to another as it is modular in design and has no underground or foreground concrete or steel foundation. Different modules can be simply loaded on a truck and transported at any site.

  • Since it can be installed in very quick time, is installed easily, requires no foundation, mobile weighbridge saves time and money.

  • Mobile weighbridge is ideal for sites which are temporary in nature as it can be easily dismantled, transported and re-assembled and re-installed.

Modular Weighbridge Suppliers We have the required expertise in manufacturing and installing modular weighbridge. Our electronic weighbridges are known for their high quality, strength and sturdiness, long life span, easy and low maintenance etc. We use high quality components and parts for our weighbridges which ensure seamless performance over long period of time. Our modular weighbridge offers many advantages including easy and quick installation, low cost, sturdy design, easy transportation, can be dismantled, transported and re-installed at different sites and many other advantages. Mobile weighbridge does not require costly foundation construction or pit construction as it can be directly placed on smooth surface and assembled. It can be installed in matter of hours as compared to 2-3 months required for installation of pit type weighbridge.

Load Cells We offer most of the types of load cells including S Type Load Cell, Load Cell with Shackle, SCrane Load Cell, Crane Load Cell, Shear Beam Load Cell, Bending Beam Load cell, Single Point Load Cell, Miniature Load Cell, Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell, DESB, Compression Load Cell 902010 , ROCKER PIN-COMPRESSION etc.

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