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Industrial Machinery

Noida Engineering Works as Manufacturers of Corrugated Pipe Machine,Coil Tapping Machine,Coil Winding Machine,Wire Feeder Machine,Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machinery for Single wall & Double wall Corrugated pipe to increase automation to get uniform production sequences, consistent product quality & efficient machine utilization.

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Corrugated Pipe Machine We are manufacturers and suppliers of corrugated pipe machine for last three years. We are manufacturing corrugation plant for single wall as well as double wall corrugated pipe in models of machine 8-50 mm Flexible corrugated pipe Auto Wing, Waste Pipe, Washing Machine, Electric Pipe, Irrigation, Sanitary, Electricity, Pharmaceutical, Toys, Wiring Harness Battery Cables, Insulation of Electrical Bus Bar, Electrical Control panels, Raiways etc.
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  • Corrugated Washing Machine Overflow Hose
  • Corrugated Pipes For Medical Use
  • Corrugated Pharmaceuticals Oxygen Equipment Tubes
  • Corrugated Irrigation Tubes
  • Corrugated Flexible Pipes

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Plastic Extrusion Machinery Plastics Extrusion Machinery is one of the new additions to our product line. The Plastics Extrusion Machinery Rotary Saw was designed to cut or cut and chamfer plastic pipe in the 8" to 24" size range. This saw has a 7 ½ H.P. AC blade motor. Electrical power and air is transmitted to the rotating drum through a series of pulleys, similar to a block and tackle, counter weighted for hose and cable return. This eliminates the mechanical components, subject to failure, in a hose and cable reel.

In event of a failure or over travel of hose or cable, limit switches signal the saw to shut down prior to damaging the hose or cable. The saw head is mounted on a spring cushioned base to allow it to self -center and also to alleviate operational shock. There are no tools required to change pipe sizes or chamfer adjustments. This allows size changes to take approximately 1 - 3 minutes, while chamfer adjustments can be made in as little as 15 seconds. The clamps are universal so they fit all sizes of pipe from 8" to 24", this cuts down on changeover time and also on the necessity of purchasing individual clamp sets for each pipe size.

These special features are in addition to the standard Plastics Extrusion Machinery features of solid steel and aluminum construction, adjustable footpads, safety guard package, and quality vendor parts assembled in a user friendly and also a maintenance friendly product for years of dependable service. An optional chip recovery system is also available.
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  • Pipe Plant: Pipe made from HDPE, PP, LDPE, rigid PVC can be provided. Size : 16 mm to 100 mm If you need any other specification Please send detailed specifications for your requirement.
  • Profile Plant: We provide Customized dies as per client specified requirements. Please send detailed specifications for your requirement.
  • Customized Extruder Dies: We provide Customized dies as per client specified requirements. Please send detailed specifications for your requirement.
  • Jockey Extruder: Jockey Extruder is broadly used for line coating and lining on pipe. Please send detailed specifications for your requirement.

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Monofilament Line A remarkable wide range of monofilament production line for PA , PET, PP, HDPE, PVC and special man-made fibers that perform all production process from monofilament extrusion to various winding system for every application. We supply various monofilament extrusion line from standard line configuration, to custom-made equipment for heavy gauge monofilament, flaggable, crimped monofilament, with different profile and monofilament diameter from 0.10 up to 5.00mm with widespread application for all domestic, agricultural, fishery, and various industrial uses. Noida engineering works monofilament extruding line designed with single-stage-drawing and additional heat setting. The line is specially conceived to process polypropylene (PP) and high density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Ropes
  • Awning cloth
  • Agriculture / horticulture nettings
  • Safety / fence netting
  • Brush / broom
  • Grass cutting
  • Other industrial purpose
  • Dryer/Crystelizer
  • Bristle Winder
  • Double end Cutter

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Wire Feeder Machine New, lighter weight push pull gun reduces hand and welder fatigue, saving you time and money. Access hard-to-reach welds easily with the trigger mounted at the back of the gun.
  • * Decrease the loss of additive during injection.
  • * Reducing the consumption of additives.
  • *Specifications such as feeding/injecting velocity and wire diameters, etc available according to customer's request. * Eco friendly.
Noida engineering works’s state of the art multiples wire feeding machines for cored wire or full wire is a heavy duty system characterized by its high degree of reliability, long life cycle, and production optimization. Our system for all wire types enables the wire or cored wire to be injected directly into the liquid steel at a variety of metallurgical stations reliably and with precision

The future in mind, we have designed a compact, unique modular system offering extension modules which can transform a basic 2-line wire feeding machine into a 4-, 6-or more line machine with wire diameters of up to 19 mm (approx. 0.748"). By simply placing e.g two modules on top of the basic modules, your 2 –wire feeding machines has been transformed in to 6-wire feeding machine. The systems are also equipped with a pneumatic cylinders to adjust to the clamping force of each line .
  • High degree of reliability and availability
  • Various Motor sizes : 18.5kW / 30kW
  • Wire feeding speed of 0-400 m/min
  • Wide diameter range of 6-19mm

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Coil Winding Machine With over 8 years of coil winding machine experience, Noida Engineering Works specializes in wire winding machines, wire flatteners, dereelers / tensioners, foil/strip winding machines, trickle machines, mandrels / toolings as well as specialty machines for custom applications.

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying coil winding machines which features twin rotating head that are controlled separately by our CNC control panel.Coil Winding Machine winds the coils in swiftest way that too flawlessly.We also offer these in customized specifications as per the requirements.

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Coil Tapping Machine Our range of coil tapping machines has been widely appreciated in the market and our clients’ provide us with repeat orders for the same. These are made in our hard working and facilities with the help of quality materials of construction that are sourced from the most trusted manufacturers of the country.

An even more powerful range of drilling machines from 10 to 32mm capacity Easier to use machines with : - large working surface and spindle nose clearance - varispeed spindle speed drive - electric tapping and quill powerfeed as useful options Base for drilling and milling machines

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Metal mould or metal casting is related to metal moulds or corrugated flexible pipe moulds & all type plastic moulds made from metal. A mould is formed that of a desired shape and molten metal is then poured into it to get it into a desired shape. Metal molds can be made from various metals but generally they are made from Aluminum, Iron, or Brass.

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Noida Engineering Works manufacturer of Corrugated pipe plant with optimum engineered design, accurately machine parts, close modular, compactness, aesthetic base & latest ergonomics. Ease to change mould blocks of different pipe sizes gives the plant operational simplicity. It takes Low routine maintenance cost, Less power consumption, Quick after-sales services gives finishing touch to a top-of-the-line finished product from our Pipe Corrugation plant. Single Wall Corrugated Pipe in two sizes viz: OD: 8-50 mm & 50-150 mm We can design & supply customize Corrugated Pipe Plant other than our above regular demand sizes.

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