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Single Wall Corrugator

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Noida Engineering Works manufacturer of Corrugated pipe plant with optimum engineered design, accurately machine parts, close modular, compactness, aesthetic base & latest ergonomics. Ease to change mould blocks of different pipe sizes gives the plant operational simplicity. It takes Low routine maintenance cost, Less power consumption, Quick after-sales services gives finishing touch to a top-of-the-line finished product from our Pipe Corrugation plant. Single Wall Corrugated Pipe in two sizes viz: OD: 8-50 mm & 50-150 mm We can design & supply customize Corrugated Pipe Plant other than our above regular demand sizes.

Pipe Puller
Noida Engineering Works offers synchronized Panel on-line pipe traction unit. Geared motor pulls pipe & prevents it from residual deformation & burrs. This unit consists of specially designed endless tooth rubber belt. Adjustable gap device is equipped to adjust the gap between two rollers with variable line speed. Adjustable wheel tension unit facilitates its use for different pipe sizes. It is equipped with on line longitudinal cutting device for wire harnesses
Technical Specifications

Description Specification
Drive For Corrugator 3HP.3 Phase 4155 voltage Gear Motor [standard make]
VVariable Speed Drive 0.5 m/min to 15m/min speed variable depend on size & output of extruder with emergency stop arrangement.
Lubrication System Centralized lubrication system used to give specific pulse at specific place to easily slide with low friction.
Cooling System Inbuilt cooling channel with brass fitting of inlet & outlet connection for chilled water.
Over All Dimension 3000mm x 600 mm x 1850mm (L x W x H)
Air Chiller Used as additional air cooling for better finish & output
Size of Pipe From 10 mm to 50mm Diameter


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