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Solar PV Systems and Services

PlasmaBerry Solar is a new generation organization, dedicated to various new emerging technologies. Alectrona is renewable energy division of PlasmaBerry Solar, fully focused on designing and implementing customized solar rooftop solutions. Our services include Solar Solar PV Systems and Services, Panel Cleaning Services, Solar Operations & Maintenance, Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning.

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Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Type of Services

Our baseline services are as follows. However to get best  results, these services are supposed to be delivered in various combinations depending upon customer environment and needs. We offer various annual service packs combining following services

  1. Deep Cleaning (DC) - This is done initially, if panels are very dusty with hard layer of dust stuck on panels.
  2. Soft Cleaning (SC)-   This is regular cleaning with washing solution and water. Suggested frequency is once in a quarter for city environment and monthly if industrial environment.
  3. Anti Dust Shielding Treatment (ADS) - This is a hydrophobic filming of panel which is done initially to reduces future cleaning cycles and the next cleaning can be done only by purified water. This film carries warranty of 2 years.There is no deterioration of solar generation, in fact it uplift generation by few % due temp gradient management.
  4. Dry Cleaning - This service is required by large solar farms where water is scarcely available, like desert of Rajasthan. We use Robotic machines to clean such panels  
  5. Water Splashing (WS)- This service is followup to ADS service.

Based on above services we have service plans under the category of Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum, created to support installations at residential, commercial and solar farms.

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Solar Operations & Maintenance

System Health Monitoring & Preventive Maintenance

  • Panel cleaning
  • Water Drainage Management
  • Retro Commissioning
  • Up-keep of Data Acquisition and Power Generation System

Corrective Maintenance

  • Critical system parameter monitoring
  • Critical and Non critical Reactive repairs to reduce power degradation
  • Warranty enforcement with Vendors

Condition based Maintenance

  • Proactive repairs based on past failure history
  • Planned equipment replacement based on OEM warranty

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Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning

PlasmaBerry ,  offers cleaning services around  revolutionary portable PV cleaning robot which are recommended by worldwide solar panel manufactures and certified by various labs.

The Salient Features

  1. Extremely fast; 5 seconds per meter  
  2. Super efficient against all kinds of dirt and dust.
  3. Light weighted for mobile purposes. 
  4. Most importantly - more affordable than any cleaning solution in the global market.

Customer need to invest in one  Robot and an operator, to handle an entire solar field, no matter the size. Simply move the light weighted, portable  robot from one panel row to the next. The more robots customer owns, the faster it will  complete cleaning cycles. It can be operated either with several water infrastructure spots, or with a mobile water tank.

Our robot is custom made, to fit customer PV panels dimensions.

Technical Features 

  1. Water consumption is between 0.6-1.0 litter per square meter.
  2. The robot is supplied with integrated battery.
  3. Warranty time is 500 working hours or 12 months.
  4. Free Training to operating team  


  1. Increases your income up to 35%. 
  2. Reduces your cleaning costs by 50%
  3. Reduces the cost of any cleaning solution as it uses only water. 
  4. Dramatic reduction in cleaning time.

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301-B, Raylon Arcade, Marol MIDC, Andheri (East)
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