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Sewage Treatment Plant

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Sewage Treatment Plant

Water covers seventypercent of our Planet. Water is one factor which is vital for life on ourplanet so do the saving of this gradually becoming scarce resource. Accordingto sources at present around one billion people on this planet are survivingwithout any supply of adequate drinking water.
At TSE we bring sole commitment for all of yours water management services byoffering a complete range of water and waste water technologies for an array ofindustrial and municipal processes. Our economical and technologicallysustainable solutions prove our clients that investing in efficient waste waterreuse technology is one time value investment.

Technology and Solutions

¬∑†††††††¬∑†††††††¬∑†††††††¬∑†††††††¬∑†††††††Recycle & Reuse

¬∑†††††††¬∑†††††††¬∑†††††††Sludge Handling


Solutions forMunicipal Water

Handling waste waterof large municipals is a rising problem. To cope with day by day water crisisand stringent norms both government and private sector have to exercise waterreuse systems and practises. Our experience provides solutions to handle andtreat waste water from townships, apartments, SEZ, Industrial parks, technologyparks, ports & other infrastructural projects.

Sewage Treatment

Sewage is thediscarded water post-use and contains impurities that can harm the environmentand other natural resources. TSE provides solution to treat sewage in order toremove the impurity to bring down to acceptable discharge levels and also forfurther reuse through its expertise.


MBR (MembraneBioreactor)

The Membrane Bioreactor(MBR) process is based on a treatment scheme wherein suspended growth activatedsludge process micro-porous membranes for solid/liquid separation are appliedinstead of secondary clarifiers. It also creates a barrier for some pathogenswhich normally remain untreated by chlorine dosing. Thus making the wholetreatment arrangement really compact producing quality effluent (TDScontrolled) idle for various reuse applications.

MBBR (Moving BedBioreactor)

The MBBR systems arebased on the principal of increasing the surface area for enhanced biologicaltreatment without increasing the plant footprint. The treatment reactors arefilled with specially engineered media carriers to provide a larger surfacearea for development of bacterial biofilm. According to the treatment schemeMBBR can be operated under aerobic conditions for nitrification or under anoxicconditions for denitrification.

Eco FABR (FluidizedAerobic Bed Reactor)

FABR is a substitute ofconventional treatment processes answering to its inadequacy like large plantfootprint and high power consumption. FABR offers an effective alternate to theconventional systems made unviable due to scarcity of open space, geographicalnetwork of piping, high power and land cost.

Eco SAFF (SubmergedAerobic Fixed Film)

This treatment schemeis based on fixed film technology ammalgamated along with various aerationsystems, making it a highly efficient biological treatment process. The mediaused is a fixed one thus it makes the operation ease. The cost on various civilconstructions can be remarkably reduced as the SAFF converts a small tank sizeinto a high surface area reactor.
With the higher area surface of the BIOdek, higher organic loading rates areenabled, thus reducing the overall size required of the aeration tank. Thisleads to a considerable reduction in civil costs. SAFF sustains excellentmicrobial growth in tough conditions and also capable of handleing fluctuatingshock loads.

Eco SBR (SequencingBatch Reactor)

Eco SBR process is basedupon an idea that sewage is generated in batches corresponding with time. Thetreatment consists of phases fill, react, settle, and release. In the systemthe reaction tank is filled with raw wastewater. During the fill phase and thefollowing react phase, the wastewater is treated biologically. After thebiological treatment a settling phase is initiated. Post sedimentation thetreated water is discharged from the system before the entering of new batch ofwaste water. I †SBR system the reaction tank can perform both nitrificationand denitrification resulting in a complete elimination of internalrecirculation and extraneous clarifier.

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