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Ultra Filtrations (UF PLANT)

Ultra Filtrations (UF PLANT)
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Catering to the industrial water treatment needs, we offer Zero Discharge Water Plant to the clients. Our company is engaged as Zero Discharge Water Plant Manufacturer and Supplier Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The Zero Discharge Plant is available for ETP, UF, and RO. We use the finest grade components in the making of Zero Discharge Water Plant. Our Zero Discharge Water Plant is acclaimed for its efficiency and is quite easy to install and maintain later on.

Types Available

  • ETP with alum process
  • ETP with activated sludge process
  • ETP with FBBR with
    • 10 KLD
    • 50 KLD
    • 100 KLD
    • 300 KLD

Treatment Scheme

  • Raw Effluent
  • Barscreen
  • Collection/neutralization tank
  • Flash mixer
  • Flocculation
  • Primary settling tank
  • Aeration tank
  • Secondary settling tank
  • Clarified water tank
  • Pressure sand filter
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Treated water collection tank
  • UF + RO+ Evaporator treated water disposal / re use for gardening purpose
Turbidityis caused by suspended matter in your water like clay, silt and tiny particlesof dirt. It describes the relative clarity of the water, ranging from perfectlyclear and transparent to cloudy or hazy.Colour is caused by Organics whichcomes from 3 major sources:

*The breakdown of naturally occurring organic materials
* Domestic and commercial chemical waste
* Chemical reactions that occur during water treatment processes

Organics come from domestic and commercial chemical waste. When Organics are treated byit can lead to by-products such as THM's (Trihalomethanes) in the water.

Activated Carbon is generally used to remove organics, colour and taste and odour. Inmore severe cases Colour & Turbidity Resin can be used to remove the forementioned contaminants.

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No 7, 11 th Cross Road, Dhandeeshwaram, Velachery
Chennai - 600042, Tamil Nadu, India
P: 91 - 44 - 42020723
M: 9710035249

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