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Truck Weighbridge Suppliers

Our truck weighbridges are known for their high strength, durability, low maintenance, optimal performance and accurate readings over a long period of time. Backed by years of experience in the field, we are reputed manufacturers, suppliers of all types of weighbridge including electronic weighbridge, mobile weigh bridge, pitless weighing bridge, pit type weigh bridge, RCC weighbridge etc.

We offer the optimum weighing solutions to our esteemed clients depending upon various parameters like budget, space constraints, duration, type of sites, types of vehicles to be weigh etc. For more information, please get in touch with us or send us an email.
Pit Type Concrete Weighbridge Pit Type Concrete Weighbridge is most suitable for sites with space constraints. In this type of weighbridge the platform of the weighbridge is at level with the ground surface and so the vehicles can approach the weighbridge from any direction. It also does not require any ramps since the platform is at ground level. Most public weighbridges in India prefer this type of design mainly because of limited space. However, it takes 2-3 months to install pit type weighbridge since an underground pit also needs to be constructed. It can also be costlier as compared to other types of weighbridge.

Benefits of Pit Type Weighbridge

  • Most important benefit is that is takes lesser space as compared to any other type of weighbridge
  • Any type of weighbridge can be weighed.
  • No installation of ramps is required for approaching weighbridge platform as it is installed at surface level
  • The weighbridge has a long duration of life.

Modular Weighbridge Suppliers Modular Weighbridge has become popular because of its ready-to-install design features. It comes ready with all the equipment and software including platform, load cells, peripheral equipment etc. and just need to be placed on the surface. Modular Weighbridge can be a pit type or surface mounted which would depend on the clients requirement or the space constraints. They are generally available up to 18 meters in length and 60 MT capacity. It is very cost effective solution and can be installed in a matter of hours. It just needs a ready surface where the weighbridge is to be installed.

Advantages of Modular Weighbridge

  • It is low cost weighbridge
  • Installation in hours
  • High strength and durability
  • It can be pit type or surface mounted or pitless
  • Easy maintenance

Mobile Weighbridge Machine Mobile Weighbridge can be installed on level hard surface on which the weighbridge is placed and there is no construction of any foundation. As a result it saves a lot of cost and time and can be installed in hours. Standard weighbridge foundation and installation takes around 2-3 months while mobile weighbridge can be installed in just 2 hours. Another advantage is that mobile weighbridges can also be shifted to another site easily after dismantling it which can also be done in quick time. The modular design helps in easy and cost effective transportation and re-installation.

Mobile Weighbridge are steel fabricated modular platform supplied complete with ramps. The top plate is steel checkered. Machine comes with the bottom frame which is steel fabricated. The load cells are installed between the bottom frame and the top frame. The bottom frame acts as the foundation which is place on the surface.

Pitless Type Weighbridge Pitless Type Weighbridge is preferred where construction of pit is difficult or expensive but space is not a problem. Since the foundation and platform is laid on the ground the weighbridge is above ground level and hence there is a need to construct ramps for vehicles to mount the weighbridge for weighing purpose. This increases the requirement of space for this type of weighbridge.

Electronic Weighbridge Suppliers We are a reputed name in the field of weighing solutions including electronic weighbridge. Our weighbridges are known for their strength, durability and accurate readings over a period of time. We offer the best solution to our esteemed clients depending upon various parameters like budget, space constraints, duration, type of sites, types of vehicles to be weigh etc.

RCC Weighbridge As the steel pricing is increasing, it makes sense to install concrete platform or RCC weighbridge. RCC Weighbridge incurs lower costs as compared to steel platform. It also offers greater strength and is nearly maintenance free. The life span of RCC Weighbridge can be 100 years as compared to that of 15-20 years of a typical steel platform weighbridge. Due to the advantages of concrete RCC platforms, the developed world has been using them for over 30 years. In Europe most of the electronic weighbridges are made with RCC platform.

Advantages of RCC Weighbridge

  • Low Cost
  • Nearly Maintenance Free
  • Long Span of Life of Platform
  • Sturdy design and can easily bear heavy loaded big trucks
  • Most modern weighbridges prefer RCC Platform

Weighbridge conversion Kit Generally a old mechanical weighbridge is upgraded to an electro-mechanical one by fitting "S-type" tensile load cell with equipment like electronic Weigh Indicator, intelligent terminal, jumbo display, printer, UPS etc.

Components and Equipment of Weighbridge Conversion Kit

  • 'S' Type Load Cell
  • Alphanumeric display 2000 to 3500 memory
  • RS232 interface
  • Printer interface
  • Auto Calibration facility
  • Jumbo remote display

Weighbridge Software A good Weighbridge Software can make all the difference between a great and a poorly operated weighbridge. The Weighbridge software program is written in-house and is available in the different versions. Our software is easy to understand and operated. It gives record of the vehicle in quick time thereby avoiding waiting time. Can be used by any operation after few hours of training.

Features of Weighbridge Software

  • Record all incoming vehicles load and outgoing vehicles load.
  • Generate a complete weighbridge record having details of customer, product, vehicle, weight etc.
  • Generate a range of management reports for business analysis
  • Find and reprint old records quickly and easily
  • Quick searching of records with various parameters

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