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Energy Equipment

Energy equipment contains various kinds of transformers for energy supply.
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Distribution Transformers Synergy Transformers Company offers a wide range of oil-cooled distribution transformers in India. Working with proficient engineers, we provide a standard range that comes between 50 KVA-3750 KVA.

The distribution transformers are used to distribute electrical energy to a system at low voltage. These are small in size and can be installed easily. The design created by the qualified professionals offers 60%-70% load efficiency. These transformers generally require less maintenance and are highly efficient. Industries that use this kind of transformer are: Telecommunications, Radar systems, Data processing equipments, Tool machines, Test controls and measuring units, Lighting plants, Electronic equipment and more.

On Load Transformers

Our experts also design on load transformers. These transformers are connected to some machines to manage high voltage required in heavy duty machines. Along with comfort and easy to installation feature, our every on load transformer helps in securing load cable usage due to its power management.
Industries that use such transformers are:
  • Metal melting industry
  • Aluminium Electrolysis
  • Sugar industry
  • Variable speed drives
  • Traction substances
  • Graphitizing Furnaces
  • Copper refining and more

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Furnace Transformers Bringing more than twenty years of experience, Synergy Transformers evolved as a trailblazer in Transformer industry and selling quality furnace transformers worldwide. Our impeccable range of furnace transformers is widely suitable for casting industry for heating and melting ferrous plus non ferrous materials.

Rectifier duty Transformers

The Rectifier – duty Transformers manufactured with us are suitable for variegated industrial applications like electrolysis and metallurgical process. The purpose of rectifier duty transformers is to carry out precision techniques using electrical power.

Client can avail Rectifier duty Transformer with us at most competitive prices. To know more on our custom solutions and rectifier duty transformers, feel free to contact our expert at anytime of the day.

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Power Supply Transformer Electricity is our integral requirement as most of the home appliances are operated by electricity only. Sometimes there are frequent fluctuations inside voltage that results into malfunctioning of home appliances. Power transformer is an intelligent idea to rectify fluctuation problem. There are different types of power transformers suitable for different industrial applications. The most popular types include - 11KV transformers, solar inverter transformers, Electrical Transformers, and Power supply transformers.

Power transformers are suitable for transforming voltage from one level to other using electromagnetic induction principle. Induction value between coils is responsible for converting voltage and current levels. Power transformers are taken as passive device consist of ferromagnetic core and windings. The current value gets changed in primary coils that in turn induce alternating voltage in secondary coils. We at Synergy transformers offer different types of power transformers including 11KV transformers, Solar inverter transformers, Electrical Transformers and Power supply transformers.
  • Contemporary manufacturing methods make sure reliability and cost effectiveness
  • Designed for trouble-free presentation of 25 years
  • Design conforms with IEC 60076, IS 2026, ANSI as well as other appropriate standards
  • Designed to survive electrical impulses as well as dynamic and thermal stresses
  • Lower power loss as well as lower noise. Optimum utilization for active materials of compactness
  • Optional Accessories
  • Neutral earthing bars having e-poxy supports
  • Oil preservation systems using thermosphyon/air cell filter
  • RTDs for the winding temperature measurements
  • Winding temperature indicators as well as oil temperature indicators having remote indication

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Step Down Transformers The main objective of designing transformers is to make input of voltage compatible with varied working appliances. The basic function of any transformer is to stepping up or stepping down voltage as required. For excellent results, you need reliable manufacturers like Synergy transformers that could help you with good quality transformers. We at Synergy Transformers have appointed skilled and experienced resources for completing complex and functional manufacturing tasks precisely.

Step up Transformers
The step - up transformers have high secondary voltage in comparison to primary voltage. They usually step up the voltage applied to it. Technically, secondary coil has more turns than primary ones. The induced voltage becomes higher in secondary coil than it was applied.

Step Down Transformers
Step down transformers are designed to run apps that demands low voltage supply. In this case, primary coil has high voltage than secondary ones. It simply steps down the induced voltage applied to it.Most of the transformers have step down application. Step up transformers are manufactured on special requirements only.

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Low Loss Transformer We are the top rated manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of high grade Low loss transformers. Our each and every component is closely checked by quality engineers to avoid poor functionality and sudden breakdown in products. Moreover, our main objective is client satisfaction. We avail wide range of Low loss transformers at industry leading prices.

Apart from these, we also provide custom solutions to our clients based on their specifications and industrial usage. The features provided by our high quality low loss transformers are – Shock resistant, Voltage optimizer, Saves energy and cost, Able to withstand with high temperature, and low maintenance costs.
Why Synergy Transformers?
  • With over 10 years of experience, our staff has quality expertise in particular domain. We are well recognized name for delivering précised and accurate low loss transformers on committed time frame. We also offer support and installation services on customer demand. To avail assorted range of high grade transformers in India and worldwide, feel free to contact our technical team right away.
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Operating cost reduction
  • Recover the cost via savings in shorter time
  • Increase life of your machine or electrical device

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Dry Type Transformers Synergy transformers, best known for quality dry type transformers that best sync with requirements pertaining to various industries, steel and chemical factories. Dry Type transformers transform distribution voltage into optimized based on the power loads. With clientele across various cities, Synergy provides dry type transformers for best prices in the industry.

Dry Type transformers designed and manufactured by Synergy perfectly match the requirements of clientele in various conditions. Synergy’s transformers are perfect for indoor installation products in crowded spaces like malls, multiplexes, public spaces. With exclusive range of transformers in compact sizes, Synergy Transformers Company has been supplying eminent dry type transformers at truly cost-efficient prices.

Our professional designers in the company work according to the client requirements and create designs that are desirable to the customers. Using high standard raw materials contrived from established vendors, makes synergy unique and reliable transformers company. We strive towards enhancing the durability of transformers and by opting to buy transformers from Synergy, customers are assured with precisely designed products that are tested for quality on different parameters and so, customers can save maintenance costs.

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Synergy Transformers

"Diksha Parva" Maheshwar Madhi Main Road, Pipaliya Nagar, Mangrol Road, Keshod., Dist: Junagadh
Rajkot - 362222, Gujarat, India
P: + 91 - 02871231791
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