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Weighbridge Manufacturers

We are a reputed manufacturer, exporter and supplier of wide and quality range of weighing scales and weighbridge The high quality of our weigh bridge and weighing scales have taken us way above our competitors. We remain fully committed to deliver to our clients the best all our weigh scales and weighbridges and all are available in best quality and at most competitive prices. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that we live up to the high expectations of our clients by meeting all the parameters and specifications given by our customers.

We offer all most all types of weigh bridge including fully Electronic Weighbridge, Pit type and pitless Weighbridge, Mechanical Weighbridge, Digital Weigh Indicator, Special Weigh Bridge, Mobile Weighing Bridge, Electronic Indicator, Portable Weigh bridge, Tin Filling System, modular weighbridge, Drum Filling System, Bag Filling System, railway weighing bridges, Hopper Weighing System, Personal weighing scale among others.

Electronic Weighbridge Suppliers We are manufacturer and supplier of electronic weighbridge in India which have been appreciated by our patrons for their superior performance over a period of time with accurate readings and negligible maintenance and a quick customer service from us. We offer different types of weighbridge like pitless weighbridge, pit type weighbridge, mobile weighbridge, portable weighbridge, modular weighbridge, rail weigh bridge etc. Our weighbridge are known for their long span of life, high quality, durability, seamless performance, low maintenance, most competitive pricing etc. We also provide conversion of mechanical weighbridge into an electronic weighbridge by fitting load cells, electronic control unit etc. Once a mechanical weighbridge is converted to electronic weighbridge it would have most of the features and advantages of an electronic weighbridge. Conversion to electronic weighbridge is affordable and is easy.

Portable Weighbridge We are a leading manufacturer, supplier of portable weighbridge in India and are known for their sturdy design, long span of life, easy and low maintenance, easy and quick installation, economical in price. We use premium quality raw materials and components in our weighbridges to ensure their longevity and low maintenance. Our skilled and experienced team ensures that the weighbridge gives seamless performance over a long period of time with accurate readings and ensure they are defect free and are in working condition all the time. Portable weighbridge has many advantages over other types of weighbridges including lesser space requirement of a portable weighbridge as compared to other types. Other benefits include easy and quick installation, economical, low maintenance, long life, sturdy design etc.

Compact Mobile Weighbridge Mobile Weighbridge is suitable in sites which are temporary in nature or where it is required for a limited period of time like in a construction site. Mobile weighbridge is preferred because of many advantages that it offers which include easy and quick installation, economical, easy to dismantle, transport and re-install, modular in design etc.

Some of the features of Mobile Weighbridge are

  • Mobile weighbridge does not require any concrete foundation and its platform can be mounted on surface which is smooth and at level.
  • Mobile weighbridge is very easy to install as no foundation work is required and the weighbridge can be directly assembled from the delivery truck itself.

  • It can be installed in very quick time in a matter of 2-3 hours

  • Mobile Weighbridge are modular in nature and hence very easy to transport from one place to another place.

Pitless Weigh Bridge Pitless weigh Bridge does not require foundation, civil structure construction cost and lesser excavation is required which can be installed in quicker time. They are very rugged and strong in structure with a long span of life. Pitless weighbridge are modular in design and hence very easy for transportation and installation as compared to pit type weighbridge.

Pit Type Weighbridge Manufacturers Pit type weighbridge is most suitable when there is space limitation as pit type weighbridge is at the ground level and hence ramps are not required in either side which ensures that the weighbridge requires limited space. Pit type weighbridge is for heavy usage and extreme working condition, this type of weighbridge is suitable for industrial and commercial site where there is limitation of space and also heavy usage. Since no approaching ramps are there vehicles can easily mount on the weighbridge form any side. Concrete underground foundation or steel or concrete decks with premium quality load cells and other equipments and components makes our pit type weighbridge one of the best in the industry.

Modular Electronic Weighbridge We are a leading name in the field of electronic weighbridge and we offer a wide range of modular weighbridge to our clients which are painted using corrosion proof bitumen paints to avoid abrasion or rusting. Our range is widely appreciated by the clients due to its sturdiness, accurate readings, durability, reliability and high performance.

Modular Weighbridge is preferred by clients due to many advantages it offers including easy and quick installation, upgrade or downgrade as per requirements, no requirement of civil construction work for foundation, easy transportation, easy dismantling, shifting in a truck and easy re-installation, surface mounted, economical, sturdy and rugged in design with platform and deck made of hard steel.

Electronic Conversion of Mechanical Weighbridge We are a leading name in conversion of mechanical weighbridge of any make to electronic weighbridge by installing load cell and digital indicator. Special conversion kits are available for switching to electronic weighing scales for existing mechanical hopper scales, over head scales, tank scales etc. at affordable price.

  • By adding a load cell to a mechanical weighbridge lever system etc will convert it in electronic weighbridge and would have most of the advantages of electronic weighbridge installation and that tooo at a very nominal cost.

  • To convert to electronic weighbridge, single load cell is fitted in the connecting rods at the bottom of the weighbridge.

  • Any Electronic Control Unit can be added to the weighbridge for further ease of operation.

  • In few cases the lever system can be replaced by load cells which support the platform.

Thus the weighbridge can be made fully electronic with just few modifications. The weighing capacity of weighbridge can also be increased in few cases.

Weighbridge Software

Features of our Weighbridge Software

  • Our software comes with multi-level password authentication which prevents un-authorised access to the software.

  • Any stored data of a vehicle can be searched for viewing or deleting or printing purpose.

  • Data of vehicle being on the weighbridge for calculating weight can be entered and print the data instantly.

  • Date and time data is system generated and the same is printed on the slip. Many records can be stored in memory which can be later recalled. This data can be searched date wise, customers wise, materials wise for report printing etc.

  • Easy and user-friendly calibration of software.

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