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Electronic Weigh Bridges

Backed by more than 4 decades of experience, We are the leading manufacturer of all types of electronic weighbridges and Weigh In Motion Systems. These include Hi-way weigh bridges, Mobile Weighbridges, Digital Weighbridge, Mechanical, Pitless and Pit type weigh bridge, Electro Mechanical Weighbridges, Portable weighing brige, Standalone WIM Operation and other weighing solutions.

Our advantages include fastest erection, Lowest Cost, Faster ROI, Remarkable strength, Easiest Transportation, Best design aesthetics in the Industry and many more.
Digital Weighbridge The digital Weighbridge shall comprise of a mechanical platform structure resting freely on Four/Six/Eight/Ten Load Cells. The Weighbridge would be pit or pitless type i.e. at the ground level or above the ground level. It can be extended up to 24 mt.

Capacity: 200 MT
Type: Pit/Pitless
Platform: Mechanical Steel Platform

With decades of experience in the industry, we are today counted amongst eminent manufacturers and suppliers of high quality range of weighbriges for almost all types of usage including commercial, industrial and public. Our weigh bridge systems are appreciated for their superior design, higher strength, optimum operation, seamless performance, durability and easy maintenance. These are available to our clients at very competitive price. We ensure that we use only high quality raw materials and components to manufacture all weighbridges at our ultra modern manufacturing unit equipped with all the latest and modern machinery and innovative technology to ensure defect free products are manufactured and delivered to our clients and they have a hassle free experience with us.

Weigh In Motion System High speed Weigh in Motion Weighbridge systems are installed along highways to weigh vehicles at normal highway speeds (20-120 kph) and detect, count and classify vehicles from 5 kph - 200 kph. We provide Weigh In Motion systems that are accurate, robust for high-volume, in-motion vehicle weighing. Visco provides Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) solutions which are cost-effective means of measuring truck axle and gross weights without affecting the flow of traffic on highways. Our Weight in Motion scales are routinely used in commercial weight enforcement to screen trucks entering a weigh station returning legally loaded vehicles back to the main roadway while directing over weight trucks to the static scales.

Portable Axle Weighbridge Axle weighbridge provides easiest method of obtaining axle weight of all types of vehicles either statically or dynamically. Single axle weighbridge can be operated statically or dynamically which gives the best result when weighing large vehicles. Our V-TEK AXLE WEIGHER system is a low cost, easy to install and calibrate, accurate and low maintenance cost weighbridge system. AXLE WEIGHER sensors include fiber optical pressure / load sensor, piezo-electric pressure sensors, bending plate and mechanical frame.

Mechanical Weighbridges VISCO India is the pioneer in the field of all steel lever mechanical weighbridges. We initiated and produced the design & concept in all steel, replacing the casted levers. CI levers being uneconomical have proved unsatisfactory in terms of durability, consistency, over built being strict, hard and brittle which gives away in cases of severe over loading, resulting into complete break down. On the other hand, the complete all steel levers concept have the ability to absorb momentum with minimal deflection.

Electro Mechanical Weighbridge Electro Mechanical Weighbridge system provides almost all the advantages for fast & accurate weighment of an Electronic Weighbridge. The offered system has a provision of one number high precision tension Load Cell mounted at the end of the lever network of the Mechanical bottom work of Weighbridge structure and facilitates generation of EDP.

Backed by years of experience in the field, we are today an eminent manufacturer and supplier in India of comprehensive range of electronic weighbridges including pit type, pitless type, mobile weigh bridge, RCC Weighbridge, Portable Weighing Bridge. Rail WIM, Road WIM Weighbriges along with complete installation and AMC. We are appreciated by our clients for fastest erection, lowest cost, faster ROI, remarkable strength, easy transportation, best design aesthetics in the Industry and many more.

Mobile Weighbridge Roll On Mobile weighbridge (Roll on) needs no RCC foundation, just ground level even surface on which the load cell bases are placed. This saves time and costs significantly unlike conventional weighbridge foundation and installation which can take up to 1 month until commissioning. Mobile Weighbridges can also be relocated to another location within a matter of few hours. The unique modular retrofit design helps in easy cost effective transportation and re-installation and is expandable considering the ever increasing weighbridge sizes and capacity.

An electronic mobile weigh bridge comes with steel fabricated modular platform supported with complete ramps. The top plate is anti skid duly ribbed. The bottom frame which is steel fabricated based on evenly placed joists to form a grid network and supports the platform. Between the top frame and bottom frame are the load cells which rests upon the unique Buffer pad plate concept. The Steel ramps substitutes the traditional foundation and weighbridge needs a smooth hard rafted surface.

Rail In Motion System With more than 40 years of experience and industry knowledge in the domain, we are today a reputed and leading manufactures and suppliers in India of almost all types of weighbridges including rail in motion system. Features of the same is given below:

Weighing Capacity : 120 T for individual Wagon
Type of Wagon : standard Wagons of Indian Railways
Type of Weighing : Axle
Axle :Load : 45 T (Maximum)
Weighing speed : 15 KM / Hr
Direction of Weighment : Bi Direction
Load Sensors type : Strain gauge , hermitically sealed
Surge protection : In built
Safe over load capacity : 150 % rated capacity
Calibration : Automatic
Increment : Selectable 20 /50 /100 Kg
Accuracy : (+) / (-) 0.5 % for wagon (+) / (-) 0.2 % for complete rake
Power Supply : 230 V , + /- 10 % , single phase 50 Hz

Steel Pit Type Weighbridge Suitable for use in areas of limited space, the PIT weighbridge is constructed with two main longitudinal steel I-Beams that are braced very rigidly with more smaller I-Beams transversely bearing I beam sections in adequate nos and finally topped up with MS plates to complete the structure suitable for permanent type installations. Decks at ground level provides safe access for trucks and vehicles from any sides. Looking for immense load bearing strength with minimum of maintenance, then a Concrete Pit type weighbridge is the ideal choice. Our concrete weighbridge enable throughput of bulk materials and are designed to keep installation, maintenance and operation as simple as possible.

Pitless Weighbridge System A low profile weighbridge that is versatile and easy to install, the structure of the pitless weighbridge system is almost identical to pit type. But because it is elevated, maintenance works are far easier as all the equipment and accessories are easily accessible. However the land required for this is more as the approach ramps on both ends are a must. This type of weighbridge is particularly suitable if the site conditions are hazardous, rocky soil conditions also if relocation of site is anticipated.

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