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Electronic Weighbridges

Wel-Tech Weighing Systems is a recognized manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in India of a wide range of Electronic, Mechanical, and Electro - Mechanical Weighbridges & Weighing Scales. We are based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with a network all over India.

Our range of products include Electronic Weighbridges, Pit Type Weigh Bridge, Pitless Weighbridges, Mobile Weighbridge, Modular Weighbridge, Weighing Pad Systems, Mechanical Weighbridge, Table Top Scale, Platform Scale etc. In addition to these, we also offer accessories like Junction Box, Load Cells, Jumbo Display and Lightning Protector.
Mobile Weighbridge Exporters Wel-Tech Weighing Systems is one of the trusted manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of weighbridges solutions including mobile weighbridge. Clients prefer mobile weighbridge because it offers unique advantages over various other types of weighbridges. Mobile weighbridges can be installed without any construction of civil or other type of foundation. All it needs is a level and hard surface where the load cell plates can be placed evenly. Therefore mobile weighbridge saves immense time and is cost effective. A pit type electronic weighbridge with concrete foundation and its installation process may require 2-3 months. But, a mobile weighbridge system can be completely installed in a couple of hours. As the name suggest it is a kind of movable weighbridge and can be easily shifted to a different site where it is needed. A mobile weighbridge is like a complete package which is transported in a truck and unloaded and installed in few hours.

Pitless Weighbridge Suppliers Pitless Weighbridge is one of our most popular type of weighbridges which are widely are widely preferred for its many advantages. Pitless weighbridges manufactured by Wel-Tech are known for their innovative design. These are quite easy to install, operate, maintain and is versatile to use. The structure of a pitless weighbridge have a slightly elevated structure as construction of underground pit is not required. The elevated design helps in easy maintenance work and also saves it from water logging problem which occurs in pit type weighbridge. The land required for a electronic pitless weighbridge is more as compared to a pit type weighbridge because a pit less weighbridge require construction of approach ramps on both ends of weighbridge for the vehicles to mount the elevated weighbridge. A pitless weighbridge is ideal for sites which are high-risk, temporary and rocky or hard soil areas. Also, a pit less weighbridge is ideal when the site anticipates relocation or have multiple sites.

Pit Type Weighbridges We are a top rated pit type weighbridge manufacturers and suppliers throughout India based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Pit type weighbridges supplied by Wel-Tech are known for extreme reliability, incredible strength, seamless performance and quick installation compared to traditional weighbridge systems. The biggest advantage of Pit type weighbridge is that it consumes the least space of all types of weighbridges and hence it is the topmost choice of customers who have limitation of land. The platform of the pit type weighbridge is at the ground level and not elevated as in the case of pitless weighbridge. Hence the vehicles can approach the weighbridge from any direction. Also, the customer won't have the bear the additional cost of installing ramps for approaching weighbridge as in the case of pitless weighbridge. The platform of the pit mounted truck scale is engineered to endure challenging environmental conditions like extreme cold and rain.

Modular Weighbridge Exporters Modular Weighbridge has become one of the most popular and used weighbridges in recent times. Wel-Tech Weighing System is preferred manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of technologically superior and high quality modular weighbridge and our services are available throughout India.

It a innovative and revolutionary concept that offers high level of accuracy and lowest level of maintenance and with low level of investment. Modular Weighbridge is in demand because it offers many advantages over traditional types of weighbridges.

Some advantages of Modular Weighbridge

  • It is easy to install and easy to use.
  • While a pit type weighbridge may take 2-3 months to start operation, a modular weighbridge can be installed in few hours.
  • It can be easily dismantled, transported and again erected with ease at different site.
  • Available in both pit and surface mounted variants.
  • Modular weighbridge is a very cost effective solution for a wide range of applications.
Modular design of the weighbridge facilitates easy transportation, handling and installation and this also reduces the need for maintenance of the load-bearing surface.

Modular weighbridge is a combination of different modules which are manufactured at our workshop and then transported to the site on a truck for set up. These modules can be dismantled easily and can be transported to other location with ease.

Unmanned Weighbridge System The unmanned weighbridge System is an advance stand alone system which allows 24 hours 7 days a week weighing operators without the need of any operator manning it. Due to the systems easy interface, it is totally operated by the truck driver himself. Moreover custom design system to suit the specific requirement is also offered by us. Unmanned weighbridge is becoming popular in India as it offers many advantages. Since there is no need of any operator, it reduces the running and maintenance cost of the weighbridge. It can operated 24x7 days without any break with high speed and accurate readings and hence can be used for heavy duty weighing purpose. For further information, please get in touch with us.

Mechanical Weighbridge Manufacturers We design and fabricate 3, 5 and 7 Lever Mechanical Weighbridge that are used for measuring the weight in industrial applications. These mechanical weighbridges are offered with different levers and come with multi lever systems. These Weighbridge available with us come in different sizes and capacities to suit the varied applications.

Features of Mechanical Weighbridge

  • All knife-edges & Bearings are made from EN-31 Alloy Steels.
  • The notches are machine cut & a notch protection bar is provided as also a looking device.
  • The Index strip is suitably inclined for easy reading.
  • Robust in construction with ample safety margin above weighing capacity
  • All metals parts have two coats of good Bitumen Paint

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